It's Amazon Prime Day, which means nearly everything sold on the commercial giant's website has a significantly reduced price for a limited time — and that includes mesh routers, which can be used to give you tons of Wi-Fi coverage for your home. Here are some of our favorite Prime Day deals for these nifty tools.

Best overall: MeshForce 3-Pack

Staff pick

This mesh router three-pack offers up to 4,500 square feet of coverage between three separate points, and the set up process is super easy and intuitive. In addition, it's priced excellently, giving you amazing value on the dollar.

$129 (was $169) at Amazon

Plug-mounted coverage: MeshForce M3 Suite

This version of MeshForce's three-Pack offers two DC plug-style points to use as well as a Wi-Fi point that you place on a surface, which is ideal for people who have some open outlets available for use.

$160 (was $200) at Amazon

Go small: Eero Pro

The Eero Pro is a highly advanced mesh router that's super compact and small, yet can cover 1,500 square feet. It also offers blazing-fast speeds for premium connectivity.

$99 (was $199) at Amazon

Triple the tiny: Eero Pro 3-Pack

This pack of three Eero Pros will give you 4,500 square feet of incredible internet speeds, all while taking up almost no space at all in your home. If you want huge coverage and signal strength, this is the mesh router system for you.

$299 (was $499) at Amazon

Powerful plug-mounted system: Eero Home Wi-Fi System

The Eero Home Wi-Fi system bundles one of their Eero Pros with two Eero Beacon devices that fit into wall sockets. This bundle is perfect for people who want premium connectivity and have sockets that aren't being used for anything.

$199 (was $399) at Amazon

Best for apartments: Google WiFi System 1-Pack

This dot-style mesh router offers up to 1,500 square feet of strong Wi-Fi coverage, and it costs less than most of the other mesh router systems on this list, too. This is great for people with small homes or apartments.

$89 (was $99) at Amazon

Go big or go home: Orbi Whole Home System

If you want to prioritize coverage space over having the strongest possible connection, you can't go wrong with Orbi. Its mesh router system offers up to a huge 6,000 square feet of Wi-Fi coverage. This setup is ideal for large homes.

$200 (was $290) at Amazon

Maximum coverage: Orbi Home Wi-Fi System

If you have a gargantuan home that you need to bring Wi-Fi coverage to, than Orbi's Home Wi-Fi System is right up your alley. With up to a whopping 8,000 square feet of coverage, there's not an inch of your residence this router won't reach.

$329 (was $400) at Amazon

Budget choice: Nova 3-Pack

If you're looking for coverage that's as affordable as possible, Nova has you covered with its three-oack of connection points. The internet speed isn't amazing, but it's decent, and for this low of a price, it's an awesome value.

$80 (was $130) at Amazon

Top Prime Day picks

All of these mesh routers are great, and each one has something valuable to offer to the consumer. However, I think that overall, the MeshForce 3-Pack is the best mesh router setup on sale for Prime Day. It may not have the best price, internet speed, or coverage zone, but it still scores highly in all of those areas, making it a perfect choice if you don't need anything specialized. For most people, the MeshForce 3-Pack will offer the most value.

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People who need a super strong internet connection should go with the Eero Pro 3-Pack, as it offers incredibly high speeds across up to 4,500 square foot homes, which is likely enough coverage space for most people. However, if your home is larger than this, the Orbi Whole Home System or the Orbi Home Wi-Fi System will suit you best, as Orbi's setups can cover anywhere between 6,000 and 8,000 square feet depending on which of the bundles you choose.

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