No need to get up from the couch anymore after hours of gaming have exhausted your fingers. Soon, Xbox One gamers can order a pizza from Domino's without having to get up from their couch or pick up their phones as a reported deal will bring the pizza ordering app to Microsoft's gaming console, allowing users to order with voice and gesture control thanks to Kinect integration. The rumored partnership is said to be announced next month with an app to launch soon after.

By using the console's Kinect voice and movement-recognition technology, gamers need only say "Domino's, feed me", or access the app by making a physical gesture, to order a pizza. Once ordered, gamers will be able to monitor their order via an on-screen tracker.

In the U.S., a similar partnership with Pizza Hut allows famished gamers to rejuvenate with Xbox ordering.

So who is down for gaming and ordering pizza using the Xbox?

Source: Marketing Magazine