Do you like collecting Xbox controller styles? The new Phantom range from Microsoft adds a haunting allure to the existing Xbox One controller style, with a semi-translucent fade that offers a look at the inner workings of your gamepad. The effect is not only unique but rather gorgeous and eye-catching, although the controllers typically come at a premium for the privilege. Until now!

Amazon Prime Day has the Phantom White Xbox controller on sale for almost $20 off the asking price, making now the best time to add it to your controller collection. The bundle also comes with an added Xbox chat headset, which is a pretty nice bonus.

Haunted controller

Phantom White Xbox One Controller

Spooky style

Prime Day has significant savings for the Phantom White Special Edition Xbox One controller, complete with Bluetooth support and a bundled mono-piece chat headset for good measure.

The Phantom White Xbox Controller is functionally identical to the regular current-gen Xbox One controller style, complete with lightly textured grips and Bluetooth connectivity for use on a PC or mobile device. The Phantom White controller comes bundled with two non-rechargeable AA batteries and has a 3.5mm jack underneath for connecting headsets and microphones. The bundled Xbox Chat headset connects to the base of the controller and doesn't require any separate batteries. If you need rechargeable batteries or want to connect your Xbox One up with a wire, you can grab a separate Xbox Play and Charge Kit, or use any micro-USB cable you have available from older cell phones.

There is also a Special Edition Phantom Black Xbox Controller that is currently sold out, but it's available second hand from some sellers on Amazon.

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