We aren't even halfway through the E3 conferences and there have already been something like 100 new games announced. Microsoft basically just showed a montage of 50 game announcements. That's a ridiculous number of games. From indie games to AAA, there are so many choices out there. And you can pre-order most of them on Amazon. If you're an Amazon Prime member you can get a 20% discount for pre-ordering as well, even without knowing the official release date. The pre-order bonus only works on standard versions of the game, bringing the prices down to $47.99 from the normal $60.

If you're a My Best Buy member instead, slide over to Best Buy where you can get a $10 gift card with any pre-orders available.

I don't always recommend pre-ordering E3 video games, and that's a sentiment shared with a lot of sites like Polygon, Wired, and Kotaku. Partially because many of these games are a year or two away from even being released and partially because what you're seeing at E3 isn't necessarily what the final product will even look like. There are a few other reasons, too, but if you're really interested in some of these games there are definitely a few that can't miss. With pre-ordering you're guaranteed the price you pay, even if something changes between now and release, and of course you can cancel at any time.

Some games just fall into that category of "too big to fail" because they're genre-defining and made by huge companies. Fallout 76 (PC/Xbox/PS4) and Kingdom Hearts III (Xbox/PS4) are can't miss options. If you're interested in those IPs, you know the games are going to be worth playing. Plus, pre-ordering Fallout 76 gets you access to the multiplayer beta.

Other games like Madden 19 and Forza Horizon 4 are known entities. They are games built on a solid premise that just add new features with each new game. Chances are if you already play Madden, you'll play the new one when it releases, too. So you might as well save money now.

Then there are a few games like Rage 2 (PC/Xbox/PS4) and Just Cause 4 (Xbox/PS4) where it doesn't really matter if they're bad or not because they'll be a crap-ton of fun regardless.

Remember that many of the games announced by Microsoft, in fact most of them, will be playable via Microsoft Game Pass. You can get six months of Game Pass for $30 right now.

You need a Prime membership to take advantage of the pre-order bonus, but you can sign up for the free 30-day trial and use it if you want to.

Check out all the other games you can pre-order right now. E3 continues throughout the week and Amazon will certainly add more as they are announced.

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