Amazon Prime Day has become somewhat of a major event, and this year was no different. Numerous items were heavily discounted includes gaming devices like the Xbox One S. The Xbox One S Starter Bundle — which came with Rare Replay — was available for $229.99. Many gamers seemingly picked this up, with it becoming the best-selling video game item on Amazon. Aaron Greenberg, the General Manager of Games Marketing at Microsoft, took to Twitter to comment on its success.

It's great to see so many gamers pick up the Xbox One S. Hopefully Microsoft will be able to carry that momentum forward even after Amazon Prime Day ends. The significant price cut triggered a wave of sales and that seems to be a sound strategy to get the console into more homes.

Before E3 2018, many gamers questioned the future of Xbox because it was unclear if the first-party situation would ever change. Since Phil Spencer announced the acquisition of talented teams like Ninja Theory and Playground Games, the future is looking more promising. Here's hoping that the company decides to pick up more studios and become a first-party powerhouse comparable to Sony.

Did you pick up an Xbox One S on Amazon Prime Day? Let us know.

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