Amazon UK drops HTC Windows Phone 8X pre-order price to £399


We're not ones to constantly publish price alterations, but we felt this to be of some significance. Amazon UK listed the HTC Windows Phone 8X for pre-order with the price tag of £531.43 (approx. $680 excluding tax) SIM Free.

It now seems the retailer has dropped its pricing to £399 (approx. $520 excluding tax), which is quite a drop considering we've not received any information from HTC regarding the Windows Phone pricing or availability.

Amazon HTC 8X Price Drop

We're still eagerly awaiting confirmation from HTC on both pricing and availability, so one should take this with a slight pinch of salt. Amazon UK expects to be able to ship the HTC 8X on November 8, 2012. The new pricing matches another UK retailer, Unlocked Mobiles, who also lists the HTC 8X for £399.

Not only that, but the 8S is set at just £224 - a bargain for a Windows Phone device, and many deal hunters agree as the smartphone is back on a popular UK deals website.

How does £399 sound for the HTC 8X? Is it a sensible prediction with the 8S sat at £224? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Amazon; thanks, Aaron, for the heads up!


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Amazon UK drops HTC Windows Phone 8X pre-order price to £399


With double RAM, double storage, better and bigger screen, way better camera, the Nokia apps and more the 920 will come in at £40-70 more.
If you can't afford the difference money just say so, but don't make it sound like the 920 is overpriced. IMO as long as it comes in below £499 street it's at a good price point for its feature set

The Lumia 920 does NOT have double the ram.
EDIT: The person whom you replied to didn't imply the Lumia 920 was over-priced.

Yep , you know what I want to say.

Another thing is my country is not 100% compatible with Nokia app.

And I compare price of 649 and 399 , this is a big gap for me.

You are wrong in actually THREE points, not even one. I will list you your mistakes, and then resolve them for you.
For one, you are comparing British Pounds to Euros. They are not 1:1, as you seem to think.
Then, you are comparing a pre-order actual sales price, to a _suggested_ retail price. The 8X has a suggested retail price as well...
Then, you are comparing the prices of two phones in completely different classes with each other. With that, you suggest that they are comparable (i.e. on the same level) in what they bring and offer to the user/buyer, and equate them to the same level, if though they are not and are actually pretty far apart in what they offer.
Now to resolve your problems:
One GBP is not one Euro. It's 1.255 Euros. Now, you are comparing 399 GB POUNDS actual sales price to 650 EUROS _suggested_ retail price, as if it was a matter of 399 vs 650. In reality, you are comparing 500 EUROS actual sales price to 650 EUROS _suggested_ retail price.
The suggested retail price of the 8X is 550€ if I remember correctly. That's 100 Euros, or 79 GB Pounds, less than the suggested retail price of the Lumia 920. Now, the 8X is pre-orderable for 500€, which is 50€ below it's suggested retail price. If we assume that the Lumia 920 will also be pre-orderable for 50€ below it's MSRP, it would be 600€ and therefor again the same 100€/79GBP difference in price.
Now the third and most important problem is your proposition of comparing the price of those two phones as if they were equal offerings, where one can just pick the one that is cheaper and get the same. I will list you the features that elevate the Lumia 920 above the 8X, so that you (and others who are reading and have fallen into the same misconception) can understand why they are not equal and why it is completely understandable and justifyable that the 920 isn't "as cheap" as the 8X:
I think I don't need to mention the camera, which is loads better because of its better lens, imaging sensor and the expensive IS (Image Stabilisation) technology.
Next up is the screen, it's not just that the Lumia 920's screen is bigger, as in taller and more inches on the datasheet (like Samsung, now also Apple with the 5, and pretty much all Android manufacturers do) , but it is wider and offers a 16:10 screen ratio compared to the 16:9 ratio of the HTC, with an accompanying higher resolution and extra pixels in the space that it has more, and with that it offers more screen real estate, and is helpful for example in landscape mode, where it offers more vertical space for example when reading websites or documents, composing messages or emails (you get to see more of what is above your keyboard), or navigating.
Here's a comparison of the two screen sizes, as you can see, it's not really much taller, but it's wider (also, feel free to change the 4.3 to 4.8 and discover that the 4.8 inch display of the Ativ S is only taller, not even wider - so much for "bigger" screen and the Android-ridiculousness of "inches" as screen size indicators):
Then, the screen isn't just bigger and actually offers more space for things (as opposed to just being bigger but offering the same space as a smaller one with the same resolution because things just get larger, no, this screen offers more space), it is also made with much better technology on several levels.
It has twice the screen refresh rate, which (at least in my opinion) is important for the Windows Phone OS, because it is scroll intensive and has a lot of fonts, and when I scroll on my current phone, I can't read the words as they are flying by because they become blurred. Nokias display in the 920 solves that, as it now has a screen refresh rate that matches the phone UI's framerate. Also, it has a ClearBlack screen, which means it has a polarized screen that offers much better legibility outdoors. Often, I can't properly see what's on my scren when I'm outdoors, because of the reflection, and even tilting the screen doesn't help. Cleablack helps a lot.
It also has a new touch technology that doesn't need contact with your skin, but also works with fingernails, gloves, pencils or other objects. I can't tell you how often I've seen women struggle with capacitive displays because of their fingernails, and how often I was amazed how well and precise they can handle (for me unusable) resistive tiny-screen phones because of their fingernails. I also can't count how many times I had to use my nose as an input device to tap on something, because I had gloves on in the winter and I had no time or desire to take them off.
Then, there's the exclusive Nokia Apps which add A LOT of value to the phone. I won't even get started on the exclusive Apps of big names and companies that Nokia is bringing to WP, which otherwise wouldn't be available, some of which will be exclusive to Lumia's for a while. The Nokia Apps and Services alone are worth boatloads of money for me (and cost them a lot to develop, unlike the handful of mediocre crap-Apps that other WP manufacturers offer, which are all years old and far behind any free App of the same function from the Marketplace). I use a first generation LG Optimus 7, but I recently bought a Lumia 710 for a friend, and I can't tell you how jealous I am of her phone. While it would be completely understandable to assume that it's the same phone experience because it's the same OS, it just isn't. The experience with the Lumia is just so much nicer and better. The Nokia Mix Radio is SO GREAT, I can't stress it enough, and that alone would be totally worth a 50+ Euro premium for me. I know, not for most people and most people don't even know it exists and don't have it in their equation when deciding whether to buy a Lumia, but I have seen it and I am so jealous that I don't have it. There's a lot of great music, organized into several great channels (for example, the Top 40 of different countries, Celebrity composed Playlists, New songs, Genres and Era's etc). They are also not composed by a software algorithm that always lumps in the same 5 bands with each other, but by actual people who work as sort of Radio DJ's and put a lot of thought and effort into these mixes, resulting in great mixes with a lot of surprises and songs one usually would never find on such a Mix. Read about it here: http://conversations.nokia.com/2012/06/21/music-lessons-the-secrets-behi...
I think I don't have to mention Nokia Drive, Nokia Maps, Nokia Transit and Nokia eBooks, I think everyone has heard about them by now. If not, just google for "Nokia Lumia Apps" and you'll find them on Nokias site.
Then there's the wireless charging technology, which also isn't free and offers plenty of value. I always put my phone on the same spot on my table (a flat pack of gum, because the metal backside directly my table just feels and sounds awkward and "scratchy"), where it is constantly discharging (by nature, it looses power), and when I want to charge it, I have to actively want to do that and think of it (for example before going out, I can't forget to charge it otherwise I'm screwed), and find the cable and plug it in away from where I am sitting, which is a hassle because then I can't use it and have to stand up and walk back and forth to answer messages or the phone. The idea of being able to just drop it on the same, soft spot (protection from scratching, accidentally pushing it off the table or whatever) and it will just charge itself all by itself, and will always be fully charged when I need it or spontaniously head out or whatever, and the ability to, when it is charging, just pick it up, answer the message and put it back to charging, without having to adhere to a cable, is great in my mind. Didn't really think of this earlier, but now as I mentioned it, all of this just hit me.
For me, the 8X compares much more with the Lumia 820 than with the Lumia 920. The 8X is basically a 820 with a higher screen resolution, a better camera sensor and without all the Nokia Apps. Same processor, RAM and other hardware. The 8X is basically your usual Android phone that just ticks the boxes. ..720p resolution..it's there...S4 1.5Ghz...it's there...larger screen...it's there...1GB RAM...it's there... and so on.
While the 920 is just jam-packed with technology and features, with everything there is (just like in the good "old" days, when Nokia N-series smartphones like the N95 were packed with absolutely everything), and has all the best, so many technologies and outstanding stuff in fact, that I have yet to see Nokia (or any user on the internet) list EVERYTHING all at once. There's several points for every thing, be it the screen, the camera, their several exclusive Nokia apps etc etc..
And all of what I listed above costs money. And the Lumia 920 is only 100€'s more expensive than the HTC 8X, while offering A LOT of cutting edge and expensive technology that is not available in the 8X. I am very certain that Nokia will be making less money (in actual money as well as in %) per Lumia 920 sold, than HTC per 8X. So much for cheaper, too expensive or whatever.

True, but let's replace RAM with LTE support then. Overall the 920 offers a serious amount of more/better features for maybe 25% more in prize.

In your opinion yes, but there is always going to be someone whom cares about something else more. Like the screen size, the weight, the front facing camera, to name just a few. It's not always as easy as it would seem.

I think that the 920 might be too big for my tastes. I LOVE my L800 and N9, but don't like the glossy of the L920 either. I'll be seriously comparing the 920 and 8x when the become available to touch in person.

I'm pretty sure that Amazon provides pre-order price guarantee - so if you will order it now, you will definitely get it for £399.99 (or less if the price is lowered)

Might buy it at this price in the hope it increases and I can sell for profit and then buy the Ativ S

I suspected the old price was just a placeholder. £399 looks like a competitive price lets hope the 920 does not spoil things with stupid price tag. I think it will be more but not to much more.

Gee I never saw this coming. No, wait... yes I did in the comments on the last article about Amazon's price ;-) 
This is the same price as Clove and Expansys.

On Expansys.uk is at  £399 too, and in Expansys.pt is at 515€ that is the £399 + 3% in VAT (here is 23% VAT).
I would hope that Nokia put out a very competitive price for the 920, maybe around £310 that would give 400€ here, that would kill the competition.

Although that is highly unlikely it would be fun to watch. I wonder whether it would draw new customers or just customers who were already going to take up a WP8 device. If that is the case that is probably bad for WP in the long run.
My bet is the phone will be £450 or £50 more than the 8x which I believe will be a good price especially when you consider the phones features and exclusive Nokia apps and its focus on the OS.

If you buy sim free how do you ensure that you can get updates, correct carrier services such as push notifications?

HTC 7 Pro here, bought SIM free and as above (AaronP105) I get updates through with no delays. I'm also in the UK. I'm also really happy with my HTC device but definitely interested in the 920 :D

I got my Lumia 800 SIM free and it works fine with no problems. Updates come through pretty quick too. I'm in the UK (just in case that makes a difference)

Pre release prices / RRPs are usually (except for Apple!) a fair bit above what we will actually have to pay.  With Christmas coming up, I suspect that the prices will drop by another 25% perhaps. Consumers are still cash poor and competition between vendors will be fierce.

If only they were under 400 that would be fun. 8X front facing camera, bigger screen, the Nokia L920 with NFC, Carl lenses, what I am thinking any other manufacturer I would say its going to be close, but come on people it Nokia no contest.