There's more to the Xbox One than what comes in the box.

For many, opening up a new Xbox One and using the controller in the box will be just fine. It might need replacing eventually, but for a lot of people it's all they ever need.

There's nothing wrong with that, either. The Xbox One controller is fantastically designed, sturdy and comfortable enough to grasp for hours on end.

But if you want a little more, or just to change things up a bit and go for something different, there are options. Whether you're looking for something to entertain the kids or play some competitive Halo, there's something out there for you.

Here's the best you can buy.

Updated for September 2016 with a refreshed lineup

Xbox Elite Controller

If you want the cream of the crop, you want the Xbox One Elite Controller. It's the same overall design at the regular controller, which is more than OK, but it's just, well, better.

Everything has been upgraded. The thumbsticks are removable, as is the d-pad, and can be replaced with different options depending on your preferences for the games you play. There are four additional paddles on the back, configurable firing mechanisms, and custom button mapping with the Xbox Accessories app for Xbox One and Windows 10.

The materials are as close to wear resistant as Microsoft can get, and once you hold one next to a regular controller, the differences are clear, and astounding. Microsoft studied pro-gamers to create the Elite and produce a product to fit their needs.

Only the rest of us get to enjoy it too. It runs for around $150, which is a lot, but it's the best you can buy.

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Scuf Infinity 1

Scuf is a brand familar to serious and pro-gamers and was producing modified versions of the Xbox One controller before Microsoft got close to launching the Elite. The same basic shape to the original controller is kept but that's about it.

On the rear are four removable paddles, though unlike the Elite they're all straight, as well as having trigger stops installed. The thumbsticks are upgraded and replaceable, too, and the Scuf Infinity 1 can be customized in a whole range of absurd colors and designs.

Perhaps better still is that you can send Scuf your own, regular Xbox controller and have a custom job to your liking done on it. If you don't want the paddles, say, but would love the upgraded thumbsticks and the grips, you can do that.

The Scuf Infinity 1 will cost you around $150.

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Razer Wildcat

Razer Wildcat

Razer is no stranger to making pro-grade console controllers, but the Wildcat is its first attempt at doing so for the Xbox One. Unlike the two above, the Wildcat isn't just a modified version of the classic design. It's a unique product, with Razer's own take on the controller.

It's lighter and a little more plasticky feeling than the Elite, but it has plenty to offer. You get a pair of extra bumpers and a pair of removable triggers on the rear, as well as a nifty headset control panel that also allows you to reprogram the buttons on the fly.

The Wildcat also offers grips, but it gives you the choice over whether to use them or not. But once they're applied, they're there for good, so make sure you're happy before pressing down too hard. The Wildcat can only be used wired, which will be a disadvantage to some, but the tournament players won't care, as wired is the way to go in that regard.

The Wildcat runs for around $150, which is Elite money, but choice is never a bad thing.

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Xbox One Bluetooth controller + Design Lab

The latest revision of the official Xbox One controller has a tweaked design over its predecessor, like adding more grippy parts on the rear side. Inside there's now Bluetooth, which makes it much easier to connect to a PC for wire-free gaming.

It lacks the total customizability of the Elite Controller, but there are still aspects that can be changed in the Xbox Accessories app. And with the new Design Lab (U.S. only at the time of writing) you can come up with the wild design of your dreams. Choose from a whole array of colors and even get your own Gamertag stamped on it, so forever it shall be yours alone.

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HoriPad Pro

The Horipad Pro is an Xbox controller that's perfect for Windows 10 gaming as well as Xbox One, but doesn't cost a ton. This wired, third-party option is officially licensed by Microsoft and has a layout representative of the official Xbox One controllers.

It's a little glossy and something of a fingerprint magnet, but it does have some extra paddles on the rear you can map to give you an edge in your games. It's not quite an Xbox Elite, but it offers some of the features at a fraction of the price.

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Controller Chaos

There's also a pretty neat service we'd be remiss to mention, called Controller Chaos. If you like the Microsoft Xbox Elite but wish it were a little, well, fancier looking, check them out. We had a Twin Peaks design done up and the quality of the work is first rate!

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Did we miss any controllers? Do you have a favorite among the ones listed above? Let us know in the comments below!