Nokia Lumia 520 and Lumia 521 are the Amazon Gold Box Deals of the Day

Lumia 521

The Nokia Lumia 520 and Lumia 521 are currently on sale on Amazon US. The two Windows Phones are Nokia's most affordable smartphones running Microsoft's mobile platform. The main difference between the two are the mobile operators - one being AT&T and the other on T-Mobile. Head on past the break to see the deals and pick up your own.

Update: Both phones are currently unavailable. Hopefully Amazon opens up more stock for orders later in the day.

The Nokia Lumia 520 is yours for $39.99, while the Lumia 521 is going for $54.99. The best part about these two deals are that you're getting a superb Windows Phone 8 experience. If you're used to the affordable, yet clunky Android experience, you'll be surprised by just how smooth and feature-rich these two Windows Phones are.

Lumia 520 521 Deal

Are you picking one (or two) up for Christmas?

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Nokia Lumia 520 and Lumia 521 are the Amazon Gold Box Deals of the Day


My guess is because they debuted at different prices, $99.99 for the 520 and $149.99 for the 521. That way, Amazon can show that the 521 is 63% off the retail price (what a deal!) versus the 520 only being 60% off.

521 is a special model for T-Mobile only. Different dimensions and radio. 520 is made for sale around the world. Economies of scale, probably. May be a little subsidy thrown in by ATT to counter the uncarrier.

Yeah economies of scale by a degree of about 10x the size of 521. Missed this deal but hoping to catch one if more stock become available.

Picking up 2 for family members right now. Got mine that I purchased for $49.99 in the mail yesterday.

Tried that too. Amazon is smarter than me apparently =)


I'll just get someone else to buy me one.... to give to someone else.

I really don't need this, but at this price, maybe I'll put a hook on it and hang it on the tree. Nokia ornaments anyone?

Why aren't these prices echoed on the UK amazon :'( It would prompt quite a few of my family members to give the platform a chance or i'd buy them one for christmas.

Same here. I live in the UK too yet I never see deals like this. It would give my family a chance to get in to the Windows Phone experience for next to nothing lol.

Bought one because of the price. Worked fine for a week or so and then the battery quit working. Phone will not come on at all. When you hook up the charger the phone buzzs and then the AT&T world globe appears and then the battery icon comes on with a red line at the bottom of it and a flashing electric plug. Tried three different chargers and the same result. Funny because before the battery quit it was working fine. Would hold a charge for two or more days. When it stopped working it went from 89% charge to the icon with the red line thru it. Ordered another battery, I hope it is not the phone. Hate to send it in for repairs

Did you keep the charger plugged in for at least 30 minutes? The battery symbols means the phone needs to charge more before you can use it.

 Sound like you need to just leave it on the charger longer.  If the battery dies, the phone will not just come on when you stick it on a charger.  You need to give it time....  If the phone does not come on within 15 to 30 mins then you made need to do a hard restart while it's on the charger (at least that's what I have had to do with my 920).

Had the same issue, sent it to Nokia twice, and they apparently fixed it. NOPE. So I had to take matters into my own hands, and bend the pins inside the battery inwards, so they have a constant connection to the phones battery connection. Did it 4½ months ago, and the phone is running like a champ.

That is if you can find a store that has them in stock. Many stores are selling out quickly even as the shipment arrives.

39.99$?! Are they crazy, that's practically free. 

Why not in UK as well, though? I would pick one in a heartbeat

I just bought a 520 and i dont even have att, might resell it or might just use as a wifi device for only 39$ i didnt need to have a use for it. Absolutely amazing device for the price! (I am on t-mobile and my daughter uses the 521 as her phone, me personally i am still using the 8x)


Go to amazon, search for phone, click on the first option, then see all buying options or more buying choices, and you'll see it still I sale there. Through amazon app on WP, it is in an obvious place, on the web, its out to the right of the item, below add to cart.

If you go to the product page you can still order each at today's special price! Probably no quantity limit, either?

When I got my 3 the other day I could only get 2 at a time.  My wife signed up for a prime account to get the third.

You know if you have Prime already you can share it with your wife, no need to buy a second one.

I was still able to order the 520 for $40 even though it's out-of-stock.  However, I don't see an option to buy the 521 for $54.

Can someone post the link to the 520 for sale?  Maybe it doesn't work, but when I try to add the $39.99 one to my cart I get:

    Important messages about items in your Cart:

We're sorry. The item Nokia Lumia 520 GoPhone (AT&T) is no longer available from the seller you selected. To see if it's available from another seller, click here to return to the item's product detail page.

Post needs to be updated: Deal is dead.

Oh well I was hopping to get this as a dedicated smart glass device. :(

Picked one of these up for my mom. Her (my hand me down) old Samsung Galaxy is on it's last leg. Merry Christmas! I see the price went up to $100 dollars after the deal was over.