The go-to mic for streaming, the Shure SM7B, has hit its lowest price of the year

Shure SM7B microphone
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The Shure SM7B dynamic microphone has dropped in price to just $359 at Amazon. This mic has been around for a long time, but it's also insanely popular and rarely drops from its $400 price tag. In fact, you'd basically have to go back to this same holiday shopping weekend last year to find it going for this same sale price. If you missed it then, don't miss it now because you'll probably have to wait another year.

Shure SM7B dynamic microphone $400 $359 at Amazon

Shure SM7B dynamic microphone $400 $359 at Amazon

This is a beast of a microphone, but the sound quality and durability more than make up for the expensive cost. Especially when you can get it at a discount. 

In the world of content creation, the Shure SM7B stands alone as the standard for mics. Whether you're streaming live on Twitch, making podcasts, creating longform content on YouTube or doing a makeup tutorial on TikTok, you're probably looking at the Shure SM7B as the tippy top of the line when it comes to quality audio. Even if you're using a less expensive mic, you're probably thinking about the day you'll upgrade to this one. Today may be that day. 

Start with how the mic captures your voice (or instrument or sound effects or whatever). It uses a smooth dynamic cartridge that can produce a reproduction of your speech or music in a way that sounds clean and natural. It also uses a combination of air suspension, shock isolation, and pop filters that helps reduce the sounds you don't want like the pops of your keyboard keys or heavy breathing. 

The SM7B uses an XLR connection, so you can easily connect to professional interfaces like the GoXLR or the Focusrite Solo. You can use these to really tune your audio and get it setup just right every time. 

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