These discounted HyperX microphones are used on the Windows Central Podcast so you know they're awesome

Whether you stream games or record audio at your desk, it's important to have a good microphone. High-quality audio recordings make you sound more professional and improve engagement with your audience. On Cyber Monday, you can save 35% on the HyperX QuadCast S, which brings the excellent microphone down to $103.99. And you can save even more on the professional-level HyperX Procast XLR microphone, which is 42% off.

HyperX QuadCast S | was $159.99 now $103.99 at Amazon

HyperX QuadCast S | was $159.99 now $103.99 at Amazon

This microphone is a great choice for podcasters and game streamers. It supports four polar patterns, allowing you to record music, interviews, group conversations, and individual voiceovers. It also has customizable RGB lighting and a built-in shock mount.

Perfect for: Streamers and podcasters looking for good value when it comes to audio recording.
❌Avoid if: You require an XLR microphone or a mic that works with the Xbox ecosystem (the QuadCast S supports Windows, PS4, PS5, and macOS).
💰Price check: $109.99 at Best Buy
🔍Our experience: HyperX QuadCast review (non-S version)

HyperX ProCast $249now $144 at Amazon

Perfect for: Avoid if:Price check:Our experience:

HyperX ProCast | was $249 now $144 at Amazon

Built for pro streamers, influencers, and content creators, HyperX's new microphone features a massive 1" gold condenser plus an XLR connector for the best sound possible. It has a much richer sound profile than other HyperX microphones.

Perfect for: Streamers and podcasters looking for the best, but below $200.
Avoid if: You don't have a XLR mixer (not included), and need something more flexible and basic.
💰Price check: $186.99 at Walmart
🔍Our experience: HyperX’s new ProCast XLR Microphone is so good it has a massive 1-inch gold condenser

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Both these microphones are used on the Windows Central Podcast, with Zac Bowden using the QuadCast and Editor-in-Chief Daniel Rubino going with the high-end Procast XLR mic, so you know these are going to be great.

HyperX packed a lot of impressive specs and features into the QuadCast S, especially when considering the microphone's price. The QuadCast S has four selectable polar patterns for recording audio, a dial for gain control, and a built-in anti-vibration shock mount. It also has customizable RGB lights that you can control with HyperX NGENUITY software. Those lights aren't just for looks, either. They turn off when you tap the top of the microphone to mute the recording.

Support for four different polar patterns helps you record audio in different situations. The QuadCast S supports stereo, omnidirectional, cardioid, and bidirectional. Omnidirectional records from all directions make it a good choice for a group sitting around a microphone. Cardioid records in just a single direction, so it's good for podcasts and voice recordings. Bidirectional is designed for interviews or situations where two people face each other. Stereo is ideal for recording singing or instruments.

The QuadCast S is the successor to the well-reviewed HyperX Quadcast. The QuadCast S has some nice improvements, such as a USB-C connection and a built-in shock mount.

The more expensive Procast takes things up to another level. The microphone features a one-inch gold-sputtered externally polarized condenser, a cardioid polar pattern input, and an XLR connection for high-quality sound recording. The microphone also has a switchable -10dB PAD, an 80Hz high-pass filter switch, a snap-on metal pop filter, and a built-in shock mount to reduce noise and enhance clarity, making a fantastic option for those who demand the best (but without spending more than $200).

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