The XREAL Air AR Glasses have a 330-inch virtual display in them, and for Black Friday they're even more affordable than you'd think

AR is an up-and-coming form factor, but up-and-coming doesn't mean there aren't ways to experience it now. XREAL has been making AR glasses for a number of years, and their first-generation Air glasses are 28% off this week for Black Friday, bringing them down to just $295.21 for Amazon Prime Members. If you're looking for an AR headset that looks like a pair of normal glasses, these are some of the best out there currently.

🚨Update 11/29/23: The original deal has expired, however, there is currently an $80 coupon for Prime Members that can be clipped before adding it to your cart, bringing the price from $379.99 to $295.11.

XREAL Air AR Glasses |$379.99now $295.21 at Amazon

XREAL Air AR Glasses | was $379.99 now $295.21 at Amazon (clip -$80 coupon)

XREAL's Air AR Glasses are the perfect travel companion. They look like sunglasses but are packing a huge 330-inch virtual display on the inside. Connect them with a PC, phone, or games console wherever you are, with high-quality 1080p micro-OLED displays with a 120Hz refresh rate.

✅Perfect for: Lightweight VR experiences, watching movies and playing games on a large virtual screen.

❌Avoid if: You're looking for a true AR experience that's untethered with hand tracking. 

A massive virtual screen that you can carry with you

XREAL glasses (Image credit: Windows Central)

So, the best thing about the XREAL Air's is that they offer a large 330-inch virtual screen that you can bring with you anywhere. Each display is 1080p, using micro-OLED technology to deliver that translucent AR experience. Those displays also support up to 120Hz refresh rate, which is excellent for gaming.

Post-Cyber Monday deals STILL AVAILABLE!

If you've ever found yourself on a long-haul flight or car journey, these glasses are going to make that downtime simply fly by.

At just 79 grams, they're super lightweight. From a design perspective, they more or less look like normal sunglasses, so you won't get weird looks when wearing them in a public setting. Included is a stylish carrying case that protects the glasses when not in use. 

You can connect the glasses to a PC and use them as a private, virtual display for your Windows or Mac device. This is how I use mine the majority of the time, adding up to three virtual displays which can turn your workspace into a productivity powerhouse. The glasses also work with your phone, whether that be an iPhone or Android device. They also pair nicely with a portable gaming console like the Steam Deck or Nintendo Switch. 

This deal is exclusive to Amazon Prime Members, so make sure you sign up for a membership if you don't already have one!

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