Toshiba's line-up of NAS (N300) and surveillance (S300) HDDs are currently on sale for Cyber Monday. What makes these drives better equipped for NAS is the design and features. Toshiba made these drives capable of being run 24/7 with continuous read and write access, which is why they're usually pricier than desktop-class counterparts.

Toshiba 6TB NAS HDD

Toshiba N300 6TB NAS HDD

$138 $168 $30 off

This Toshiba HDD is specifically designed for use inside a NAS and at this price, you're getting a solid deal on 6TB worth of storage capacity.

Toshiba's N300 series of drives are similar in many ways to Seagate and Western Digital NAS drives. They're designed for NAS operation, have a high reliability rating of around 180TB per year, sport 7200RPM motors for better transfer speeds, and integrated RV sensors to compensate for rotational vibrations.

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This all makes them a really good choice for a NAS. As well as our highlight 6TB pick, other capacity drives are on sale too:

Toshiba S300 6TB NAS HDD

Toshiba S300 6TB NAS HDD

$148 $170 $22 off

Toshiba's S300 range of NAS drives are best suited for surveillance and video recording security systems running on a NAS.

The 6TB is a great value option at this price, allowing you to scale up to 64 HD cameras with support for up to 180TB of data written per drive each year. There are similar RV sensors for enhanced reliability and endurance. As well as the 6TB NAS drive, Toshiba has also discounted its 8TB model if you need the additional capacity.

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