It looks like the price of the AT&T Nokia Lumia 1020 keeps getting aggressively priced, as has reduced its price from $249 to just $199 on contract (the off-contract price is still a slightly reduced $634).

The catch? It’s a one-day only sale.

Amazon’s business is to undercut the carriers by directly offering lower prices when they can. In that sense, Amazon will always be cheaper than the carriers, who benefit from having physical stores and the ability to walk in and out with a new smart phone that day. But for savvy shoppers, hitting the online marketplace is becoming more frequent. And in this case, users could save up to $100 compared to AT&T.

The flipside though is Microsoft Stores are selling the phone for $299 but with a free camera grip, making the standard Amazon price a wash if you were to pick up that accessory. But with this temporary $50 discount, users can save even more by going online.

The deal is good for all colors, including matte yellow, black and white and requires a two-year agreement with AT&T.

Source: Amazon; Thanks, ssapre and sepatown, for the tips

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