Not everyone wants to play games filled with wall-to-wall combat and swearing. Sports titles are some of the most popular games out there, though they're often overlooked when the spotlight's are shining on heart-pounding action games like Call of Duty or Battlefield.

In any case, if you're a sports nut with an Xbox One, then there's plenty to get stuck into. Here are the best sports games for your favorite console.


EA's FIFA is always one of the biggest selling video games every single year. It's not always been the best, but the '17 update is definitely the series' finest hour entry in several years. Key areas of gameplay have been given an overhaul, such as corners and free kicks, and the whole game is now powered by the Frostbite engine. If you've heard that somewhere before, Frostbite is what powers Battlefield, so it's got some serious credentials.

The career mode in FIFA 17 has been given a much-needed injection of excitement, too. You can now play "The Journey," taking the next big star from humble beginnings to success at the highest level. And as ever, FIFA has all the glitz, glamour and licenses you can shake a stick at.

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2017

PES has had to suffer being number 2 in the sales charts to FIFA for a while now, but that doesn't make it a bad game. Far from it, in fact. What it loses on licensing deals it makes up with silky smooth gameplay that allows for fluid moves up and down the pitch and some sensational finishing.

It's a pretty good-looking affair, too, with some of the faces scarily accurate compared to their real life counterparts. PES is the only place, too, that you can play official game modes based on the UEFA Champions League and the Europa League. Konami also added an official esports league for this season, giving keen players a competitive route to world domination.

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Rocket League

Rocket League isn't traditional sports, but it's crazily good fun. It mixes motorsport and with a mashup of soccer, hockey, and basketball. Your mission is to spend five minutes per game driving around the arena trying to get the ball/puck into the goal/hoop. Smash your opponents about, jump through the air, drive up and down the walls and use all the boost to get the edge.

Rocket League is a perfect example of how to just make a fun game. The idea is pretty simple, as is the basics of gameplay. Mastering requires a little understanding of physics and a lot of practice. But you'll have enormous fun while you're at it.

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NBA 2K17

NBA 2K17 is the latest yearly update to the leading basketball series, and it is easily the biggest update to date. With smoother gameplay and new features such as a lay-up meter, NBA 2K17 is making a play to be the big dog on court. Not to mention all the official licensing to make it look about as close to reality as you could imagine right now.

It's appeal is growing beyond just basketball fans, too, mostly because it looks fantastic and now plays equally so. With a deep diving career mode that can put your own face in the game, NBA 2K17 is set to deliver thrills for a long time to come. Well, until 2K18 at least.

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Madden 17

Let's play some football! The Madden franchise has been running for the better part of three decades and every year it's a little bit closer to the ultimate NFL experience. Lifelike players, all the teams, stadiums, up to date jerseys — in true EA fashion, it's all here.

The challenge has been increased for the 2017 edition with a new defensive AI system that's ready to stand firm and go for the sack. The career mode has been given some attention too, putting you at the center. Throw in Ultimate Team to take on the world and you've got a serious package for every football fan.

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UFC 2 is so close to being inside the Octagon yourself that you can almost smell the blood. Once again you can tell this is an EA Sports title — it has all the showbiz razzle dazzle and characters modeled closely on their real-world counterparts.

The authenticity continues to the animations and the realistic combat features, which combined with an all-new knockout physics system leaves you right in the thick of the in-ring action. And honestly, you probably wouldn't want to be much closer than this.

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Updated June 30 2017: These are still the best sports games for Xbox One, but in the next few months many of these will be updated for 2018 versions so there might be changes soon!