Best Sports Games for Xbox One Windows Central 2021

Whether scoring legendary goals or racing to the finish line, the Xbox One packs dozens of gripping sports games. We've wrapped up our unmissable favorites, guaranteed to fulfill that competitive itch.

FIFASource: EA

★ Editor's Choice: FIFA 19

Staff favorite

EA's illustrious sports bestseller remains on top, assembling a brimming sandbox of soccer action. From its renowned FIFA Ultimate Team dream squads to "The Journey" story mode, the latest entry merges the best of football into a cohesive bundle.

$27 at Amazon

Big leagues: Madden NFL 19

With over three decades edging closer to reality, American football fans shouldn't look further than Madden NFL 19. This latest revision updates its roster of teams, stadiums, and jerseys for 2019, alongside further depth to player movement.

$28 at Amazon

Sub-zero: NHL 19

NHL 19 is the recent entry in the long-running hockey series, building upon its legacy as the defining title of the genre. While NHL hasn't hugely evolved in past years, it brings the addition of new outdoor rinks, updated rosters, and other various refinements.

$48 at Amazon

Rocket-powered fun: Rocket League

Rocket-powered R.C. cars and football aren't an everyday pairing but establish the genius premise of Rocket League. Drive, boost and bash your way to victory, scoring goals across a diverse lineup of modes.

$27 at Amazon

Shooting hoops: NBA 2K19

Perfecting basketball mechanics with depth and scale, NBA 2K19 delivers an unbeaten take on the basketball scene. This year focuses on improving systems and fluidity for a richer on-court experience.

$25 at Amazon

Hole-in-one: The Golf Club 2019

While golfing games are hard to come by today, The Golf Club 2019 delivers the best digital fairway you'll find on Xbox One. Now backed by PGA Tour licensing and 2K Games, its packs depth and realism over arcade alternatives.

$30 at Amazon

Country roads: Forza Horizon 4

Microsoft's latest, Forza Horizon 4, is an accessible arcade racer ideal for any gamer. Staged in the British countryside, it presents leading visuals and a vast open-world filled with activities.

$50 at Amazon

Up close and personal: WWE 2K19

Jump into the ring in WWE 2K19, capturing the tactics and intensity of wrestling in even fewer limits. Backed by a massive roster of fighters, WWE 2K19 is the fighting champion to beat.

$25 at Amazon

Stay on track: DiRT Rally 2.0

Unforgiving stages and gripping handling define the DiRT Rally experience, newly-revived with more white-knuckle racing. This rally simulation keeps even the most seasoned motoring veterans on the edge of their seat.

$40 at Amazon

Supersonic racing: F1 2018

The latest official Formula 1 game encapsulates every aspect of the lightning-fast single-seater series. You can now further tune the experience to your liking, without losing immersion in its glitz and glamor.

$34 at Amazon

Our Xbox sporting picks

There's a reason Electronic Arts' soccer titan tops the charts all year round, packing the ultimate bundle for sports fans. FIFA 19 further builds on an already rich sandbox with unmatched scale and depth, alongside modes to sink the hours. More immersive than ever, this is the sports game to beat in 2019.

Alternatively, Rocket League isn't your average combo, far distancing itself from the realism grounding many sports rivals. It embraces the same foundations of any competitive title beside an accessible premise. Now exploring cross-platform play with PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC, it's a multiplayer game for all.

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