There's nothing quite like using an ultrawide monitor, especially if you're into gaming. Once you've been immersed in the action, especially with a curved display, it's really hard to go back to a regular old display. For the Black Friday season, Amazon has made it quite a bit easier to jump on the ultrawide bandwagon with a $210 discount on the Samsung Odyssey G9, bringing it down to $1,190.

Samsung Odyssey G9 | $210 off

The Samsung Odyssey G9 was just released this year, and this is one of the first discounts we've seen for it. It's one of the most immersive displays you can get your hands on thanks to its 1000R curve, which wraps your games completely around your vision across its 49-inch screen.

The Samsung Odyssey G9 is one of the most immersive gaming monitors you can get right now. That comes down to its 1000R curve, which effectively wraps the display around your field of vision. Thanks to its 49-inch ultrawide size, that means you're getting a whole lot of screen real estate to play with.

Beyond its sheer size, the Odyssey G9 has some fantastic gaming bona fides, too. The monitor sports a QHD resolution with a 240Hz refresh rate. Essentially, that translates to a sharp picture and incredibly fluid motion. It also has a super speedy 1ms response time, so you won't have to worry about latency getting you killed in any online matches.

There's support for NVIDIA G-Sync and FreeSync here as well, so whether you have an NVIDIA graphics card or and AMD one, screen tearing will be a non-issue. Combined with Samsung's QLED tech, colors should also be vibrant across the whole of the display. HDR 1000 rounds things out, giving you great peak brightness with high contrast in content that supports HDR.

At $210 off, the Odyssey G9 is a good deal for a monitor that just came out this year. Still, if it's a bit too rich for your tastes, Samsung's 49-inch CRG9 curved gaming monitor is also on sale, getting a $500 price cut down to $999. You'll lose out on G-Sync and Samsung's Odyssey design language, but it's a solid pick for both gaming and work.

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