Are you sick of subscription services? Netflix, Hulu, Xbox Live, YouTube Premium, Spotify, Apple Music, etcetera ad nauseum. Wouldn't it suck to have to pay a subscription to use Office as well? Turns out that, yes, you can subscribe to Office for around $60 per year. But thankfully, you can also buy the software to own just like the good old days!

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Indeedy, Office Home & Student 2019 is now available to buy to own forever for $50 less than usual. Home & Student includes Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, effectively giving you everything you need for home use and most school courses. This license is good for one Microsoft Account only, but can be installed on multiple devices.


Microsoft Office Home & Student

$99 $149 $50 off

A one time purchase?! IN 2019?! This is for those who don't want to pay an on-going subscription to Office 365. This license is good for the entire Office suite, which should last you practically forever.

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