Looks like I was right to wait until Black Friday/Cyber Monday to purchase a new desk chair. Newegg has a lot of great deals on computer accessories and peripherals, but, for some reason, it's not touting the discounts on gaming chairs, and there are a lot of them.

My chair pick


$130 $240 $110

Getting a better desk chair can someitmes be an essential purchase. Luckily, Newegg has plenty of great deals on high-end gaming chairs for Cyber Monday, including this option from GTRacing.

I've been dealing with a lot of back and neck pain lately (an occupational hazard in this industry), and have been in the market for an ergonomic desk chair, but they tend to be expensive. I could've gone for a regular ol' chair, but I do also use my PC for gaming. I've been dreading having to sit at my desk over the past month or so because of how uncomfortable my normal chair has gotten (and I really want to finish Outer Wilds!).

The GTRacing deal listed above was my pick after I spent about 30 minutes going through all of the chairs on sale. It has everything I wanted: height adjustment (I'm short), a long range of tilt, and the ability to adjust the armrests as well. I also liked this subtle black, which doesn't look as obnoxious as other gaming chairs.

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However, if you search "gaming chair" on Newegg, you'll see there are a lot of other chairs on sale for Cyber Monday. There are deep discounts on well-known brands like RESPAWN, GTRacing, and Corsair, but also on lesser-known brands if you're looking for a budget chair. Just make sure you check out the reviews before buying from a brand you're not familiar with.

Check out some other great gaming chair deals below, and be sure to check in with our friends at Android Central for more deals this weekend.

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