I would move to the United States to get this Prime Day graphics card deal

Sparkle Orc Intel Arc A750
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I love Intel Arc graphics. I love a good underdog, but beyond that, we should all want Intel to do really well and keep pumping these things out. Intel is the only one of the three GPU makers right now that seems to give a damn about keeping graphics card prices affordable. It's commendable and one reason I gave Intel my money

What I also love is the Sparkle range of Intel Arc graphics cards. I just love how they look, with their subtle, yet striking blue shroud. And I love that they have kick-ass names like ORC, ELF and TITAN. Even though I have an Arc A770 in my PC, I'm sad I can't buy one of these Sparkle Orc Arc A750 cards for their lowest price yet on October Prime Day.

Sparkle Intel Arc A750 ORC OC Edition$225now $189.99 at Amazon

Sparkle Intel Arc A750 ORC OC Edition | was $225 now $189.99 at Amazon

The summer Prime Day was a let-down for Intel Arc deals, but the October installment has an absolute banger. The stunning looking Sparkle version of the Arc A750 is insanely cheap, and with support for ray tracing and up to 1440p gaming, this is a budget gamers dream. Intel keeps making its GPUs better and better, so don't sleep on it. 

Great for: 1080p and some 1440p gaming, content creation with AV1 encoding

💰Price check: $189.99 at Newegg

There are actually two versions. The smaller one with two fans is the cheaper option, but the triple-fan card is only $10 more if you have space for it. Both have the same display outputs (triple DisplayPort 2.0 and a single HDMI 2.0) and the same 2200MHz clock speed. One is just a bit longer, hence being the TITAN. 

I have no issues recommending the Intel Arc A750 to folks looking to build a good gaming PC on a tighter budget. You can play at 1440p with one of these, but knocking it down to 1080p is a better call, so you can crank up the settings a bit more. It supports ray tracing, though whether you should use it is debatable, and for content creators you have hardware AV1 encoding on all Arc GPUs. 

Intel has been working flat out in the last 12 months since the first launch of the Arc A-series to make the drivers better. I've been using an Arc throughout that whole time, and I'm extremely pleased with the progress. Older games work better now, even DX9 titles which aren't supported at a hardware level. Recent attention shifted to DX11 games, of which there are many, and gains are to be found in all corners. 

So, don't let this one slip by. I can't get one, but you definitely should.  

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