This game outraged people by getting a Game of the Year nomination, but I think it deserves it's place. See what the fuss is about for only $30

Resident Evil 4 remake enemies: El Gigante
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With 2023 being such a chock a block year for gaming, the Game of the Year awards nominations were never going to please everyone. This year has been a continuous stream of outstanding releases, leading some to voice strong opposition to a remake like Resident Evil 4 claiming one of the coveted six spots in the main category. However, I beg to differ; Resident Evil 4 has undeniably earned its position as a Game of the Year contender. If you're curious about why, the game is currently available at half price, offering the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in Capcom's plague-ridden world and witness the hype firsthand.

Resident Evil 4 (Xbox)was $59.99 now $30 at Amazon

Resident Evil 4 (Xbox) | was $59.99 now $30 at Amazon

Capcom's latest big remake brings back one of the best games of all time. Modern visuals, audio, and controls mean whether you are going through this story for the first time or the 10th, this is a game you won't want to miss, and it could well win the Game of the Year.

PC version: $35 at Green Man Gaming

✅Perfect for: Fans of survival horror, action and adventure games. Whether you are new to the franchise or replaying this adventure, there is something here for you to enjoy.

❌Avoid if: You are squeamish and don't enjoy jump scares.

💰Price check: $57.98 at Xbox Store

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I didn't even want to play this game, but it charmed me into doing 3 playthroughs

Truth be told, I initially had no interest in playing the Resident Evil 4 remake. My motivation stemmed from professional obligations—creating guides for our readers. Resident Evil typically doesn't align with my gaming preferences, lacking the magical elements and dragons I usually gravitate towards. Yet, a few hours into my first playthrough, the game's narrative and characters, particularly Leon, the floppy-haired cop with a penchant for lower back tramp stamps, captivated me. Leon's mission to rescue Ashley, the President's daughter, initially left me indifferent, but as the game unfolded, both characters grew on me, and I found myself rooting for their survival against the Las Plagas cult.

While it might appear unjust for a remake to overshadow a new IP in a year filled with remarkable games, Capcom's meticulous approach to remakes sets a standard that demands recognition. In a year full of incredible releases, Capcom's dedication to delivering remakes with precision and care deserves acknowledgment. It deserves a place on our Best Xbox Games.

The gore is done in such a beautifully horrific yet comedic way that you can't help but want to do multiple playthroughs with different weapons, and I did, I did three.

I relished the satisfaction of obliterating challenging boss fights with a well-earned rocket launcher, of taking out each boss fight that caused me grief in one shot and laughing maniacally at the screen. Maybe that's just me... Anyway, my point is, Resident Evil 4 is an incredibly well made game that gets the horror formula exactly right, and from what I know from existing lovers of the original game, there is plenty in here to surprise you — it's not simply the same game rehashed with improved graphics, there are different story beats, new bosses and lots of different game mechanics that didn't feature in the original. For that, I think Capcom have done everything they needed to deserve their nomination and show it off proudly. And for only $30? You'll get hours upon hours of playtime in multiple playthroughs of what could potentially win the Game of the Year. Oh and check out our Resident Evil section for all those guides I wrote while I was having a blast.

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    "This game outraged people by getting a Game of the Year nomination, but I think it deserves it's place. See what the fuss is about for only $30"

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