AMD Ryzen-based PCs love fast RAM, and while 4000 MHz might be pushing it a bit too far for pretty much everyone, this Cyber Monday deal on Crucial Ballistix Elite RAM is too good to ignore. With a huge discount, it's down to £129, a price not seen before on this particular RAM.


Crucial Ballistix Elite 4000 MHz

Over £100 off - now £129

Ignoring the overclocking claims and credentials of this RAM, it's a good quality, fast kit that can make your Ryzen 3000 build purr.

No-one's suggesting that you need to run your RAM at 4000 MHz on a new Ryzen 3000 series PC build, indeed, the officially supported rated speeds are much lower. But it's been proved that systems can operate with memory this fast or even faster, and given the price here, it's not total madness.

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There's also a little future proofing involved. Who knows where we're headed, the PC Gaming space is contstantly evolving. At its regular price this RAM kit is more of a tough sell outside of hardcore enthusiasts and overclockers, but at £129 for 16GB it's a much better conversation to have.

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