Kickstart your PC build right: Save over $200 with this RAM, CPU, and motherboard bundle deal

While the popular PC hardware seller Newegg sells standalone components, they also sometimes offer bundles that include two or three compatible parts in one package. In many cases, these combos are discounted, allowing you to get the components for less than it'd cost to buy them individually.

Intel i7-12700K - MSI PRO Z690-A - XPG Lancer 32GB DDR5 bundle | $651.97 415.99 at Newegg

Intel i7-12700K - MSI PRO Z690-A - XPG Lancer 32GB DDR5 bundle | $651.97 415.99 at Newegg

Looking to build a new PC? Right now, you can kickstart your build with this bundle deal that includes MSI's PRO Z690-A motherboard, the 12th Gen Intel Core i7-12700K CPU, and 32GB of XPG's Lancer DDR5-6000 RAM. It costs over $200 less than what it would to buy the parts individually. Make sure you use the promo code FTTPCU585 at checkout for the full discount!

Right now, one of these bundles is available for a particularly attractive deal. For just $416 — well over $200 off of the original $652 asking price — you can snag a 3-in-1 combo that includes the MSI PRO Z690-A motherboard, Intel's fantastic 12th Gen Core i7-12700K CPU, and 32GB of XPG's Lancer DDR5-6000 RAM. That's quite a lot of saved money you can put towards other parts like a CPU cooler, GPU, or an SSD (my favorite Samsung SSD is on sale right now), so if you're planning on putting together a new high-end gaming rig soon, there's plenty of value to take advantage of here. Make sure you use the promo code FTTPCU585 when checking out, as you won't get the full discount without it.

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The MSI PRO Z690-A is one of the best motherboards for the 12th Gen Intel CPU and DDR5 included in this bundle. It doesn't have the niche bells and whistles you'll find on boards that cost $300+, but with 2.5Gb LAN, support for PCIe 5.0, Wi-Fi 6E, and Bluetooth 5.2, effective heatsinks, four NVMe SSD slots, and plenty of USB ports, it's got everything a PC gamer needs for top performance and utility. As a bonus, it also supports 13th Gen Intel CPUs, so you can upgrade without getting a new motherboard down the line.

Then there's the Intel i7-12700K, which stands tall as one of the top CPUs for high-end gaming thanks to its excellent balance of power and price. It's significantly less expensive than Team Blue's top-of-the-line Core i9 chips, yet achieves near-identical performance since the latter's huge number of cores and threads don't do much to make games run better. The Core i7-12700K has been one of our favorite choices for gaming since its release in late 2021, and that's not changing any time soon.

XPG's blazing-fast Lancer DDR5 RAM was extremely pricey when it launched early last year, but now that stock of modules using the new memory standard has stabilized, it's become one of the best 32GB kits to buy. We reviewed the XPG Lancer DDR5 on release, praising it highly for its high 6000MHz speed and sleek style with accents of the snazzy RGB that PC gamers crave.

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