MSI's best motherboard for 12th Gen Intel and DDR4 RAM is 27% off this Prime Day

MSI's Z690 motherboards.
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While the price of DDR5 memory has fallen to more reasonable levels over the last few months, it's still considerably more expensive than DDR4 in most cases. If you're looking to put together a new PC build with Intel's 12th Gen desktop CPUs but don't want to use DDR5, you'll need to get a specialized motherboard that has the 12th Gen LG1700 socket and support for DDR4 instead of the new memory generation. The best motherboard offered by PC part manufacturer MSI for this is the MSI MAG Z690 Tomahawk WiFi DDR4, and thanks to Prime Day, you can snag one for just $220 at Amazon. That's a full $80 under the $300 MSRP, which is a sizable 27% discount. This makes it one of the best Prime Day deals on PC parts available.

I actually purchased this motherboard myself last December, as I needed something compatible with both 12th Gen and DDR4 for holiday upgrades to my gaming rig. It's a great ATX board that has several nice features and a rugged, tank-like appearance that I prefer over flashier boards, and I highly recommend picking one up if you're planning to do a similar build. 

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MSI MAG Z690 Tomahawk Wi-Fi DDR4 | $300 $220 at Amazon

MSI MAG Z690 Tomahawk Wi-Fi DDR4 | $300 $220 at Amazon

Need a great motherboard that supports 12th Gen Intel and DDR4? This option from MSI is excellent, as it offers top-notch power delivery, effective heatsinks, PCIe 5.0, four M.2 slots, plenty of I/O, and more.

Between the 16+1+1 duet rail VRM power delivery system, extended heatsink design, and the (detachable) M.2 Shield FROZR heatsink, the motherboard does a great job of delivering plenty of power to your components and helping to keep them cool while under heavy loads — including while you're overclocking. The board also supports DDR4 DIMMs up to 128GB and 5200MHz, and also comes with a PCIe 5.0 x16 slot and four M.2 slots for speedy SSDs.

The board supports both Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2, as well as 2.5G LAN for Ethernet. Display outputs include DisplayPort and HDMI, while I/O ports consist of one USB-C, seven USB-A, and five analog and SPDIF audio jacks. Ultimately, this is a great motherboard that I strongly recommend grabbing this Prime Day. It has served me incredibly well in my build, and it'll serve you well, too.

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