Save BIG on ASUS components for PC building on Amazon Prime Day

ASUS ROG Maximus Z690 Hero
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ASUS makes some of the best PC components, be it motherboards, graphics cards, or case fans. The company is responsible for not only some of the more premium (and expensive) hardware but also those that target the competitive budget and mid-range segments. To celebrate Amazon Prime Day, ASUS is discounting numerous PC components, such as the ASUS TUF Gaming Z590-Plus WiFi, down to $180 (opens in new tab).

We've rounded up some of the best discounts we've spotted so far right here.

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Save up to 20% on ASUS PC components

ASUS TUF Gaming Z590-Plus WiFi | (opens in new tab)

ASUS TUF Gaming Z590-Plus WiFi | $205 $180 (opens in new tab)

The TUF range of Intel motherboards from ASUS is a solid foundation for a PC. If you're still using 10th or 11th Gen Intel processors (or found an Amazon deal on one), this is a solid place to start. The 14+2 power stage design also supports decent overclocking results.

ASUS ROG Strix Z590-E Gaming WiFi | (opens in new tab)

ASUS ROG Strix Z590-E Gaming WiFi | $280 $208 (opens in new tab)

The older ROG Strix Z590-E from ASUS is for 10th and 11th Gen Intel processors. If you're planning to stick with that generation and upgrade the motherboard or build a cheaper PC, this is a great value board with plenty of premium features.

ASUS ROG Thor 850 | (opens in new tab)

ASUS ROG Thor 850 | $250 $150 (opens in new tab)

The ASUS ROG Thor range of power supplies is the company's more premium offering with an 80 Plus Platinum rating for efficiency. They also ship with an OLED status panel, which is great unless you have it hidden away inside a PSU shroud. This 850W modular PSU is great for most PC builds.

ASUS ROG STRIX 1000W | (opens in new tab)

ASUS ROG STRIX 1000W | $230 $150 (opens in new tab)

Rated 80 Plus Gold for efficiency, this 1000W PSU from ASUS has more than enough capacity for gaming PC builds. It also looks great, even though most cases today have PSU shrouds.

Stay tuned to Windows Central for the next few days as we're rounding up all the best Prime Day PC deals if you're looking to upgrade an existing rig or build a new PC from scratch.

Rich Edmonds
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