A lot can happen in a week. New apps join the Windows Phone Store or Windows Store. Your favorite apps can get a big update with a new look or new features. Device rumors come and go. Seven days might not seem like much, but it can be an eternity in the tech news cycle.

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Every week we're going to compile the biggest stories into one post, so you never fall behind – In Case You Missed It (ICYMI).

Windows Phone

  • Microsoft set for a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 powered Lumia [Read]
  • Raspberry Pi 2 supports Windows 10 because customers demanded it [Read]
  • Lumia Denim updates rolling out to more UK phones including the unlocked 1520 [update: Australia too!] [Read]
  • O2 rolls out Denim update for Lumia 930, 'Hey Cortana' passive-listening not included [Updated] [Read]
  • Windows 10 for phones may come with larger, vertical live tiles [Read]
  • Should you install the Windows 10 Technical Preview on your phone? [Read]
  • First Windows 10 preview build for phones will support some 512MB devices [Read]
  • Windows 10 Preview for phones might include a rollback feature [Read]
  • Has the Windows Phone 8.1 update hit your HTC 8X? [Read]
  • Even more Windows 10 phone screenshots get posted showing off Cortana and more [Read]

Microsoft + Windows

  • Watch Microsoft's pair of touching Super Bowl XLIX commercials [Read]
  • New OS data shows gains for Windows 8.1 while Windows XP still hangs around [Read]
  • Touch-based Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps now available for Windows 10 preview users [Read]
  • The Windows 10 9926 preview build gets updated with a boatload of bug fixes [Read]
  • Microsoft's new Comfort Headset Earphones to go on sale in Europe in March [Read]
  • Microsoft's paying more than $100 million for the Sunrise Calendar app for iOS and Android [Read]
  • Satya Nadella talks about cricket, Microsoft Band, and Windows Phone in latest interview [Read]
  • Future versions of Office may come with Cortana built in [Read]
  • Project Spartan browser images emerge from leaked Windows 10 build [Read]
  • Cortana for Office on Windows Phone becomes a reality in these new leaked screenshots [Read]




  • Sony Online's sale may allow some of their games to come to Xbox One [Read]
  • Battlefield Hardline enters open beta, PC system requirements detailed [Read]
  • Game of Thrones Episode 2: The Lost Lords is now available on Xbox One [Read]
  • Halo 5: Guardians will get tons of multiplayer changes thanks to feedback from the recent beta [Read]
  • Xbox One Preview dashboard update brings easier problem reporting [Read]
  • Xbox One February update rolls out to the masses with game hubs, TV updates, and more [Read]
  • Xbox One with Kinect will be $50 off starting Feb. 8 [Read]
  • Xbox One's upcoming screenshot feature teased via (what else) a screenshot [Read]

Extra and Miscellaneous

  • Poll results: A lot of love for Spartan and Sony [Read]
  • Cortana correctly predicts the outcome of the Super Bowl [Read]
  • From the Editor's Desk: Taking a break from the doldrums of winter [Read]
  • Poll: Are you planning to buy a Raspberry Pi 2? [Read]
  • ARM unveils Cortex A72 processor architecture, coming in 2016 [Read]
  • Cortana can now predict the results of English Premier League football matches [Read]
  • FCC Chairman states outright: they plan to classify internet access as a utility [Read]
  • Weekly photo contest: Public transport [Read]
  • Apple's upcoming Beats-based music service may not include Windows Phone [Read]
  • Do you need an antivirus program for your Windows PC in 2015? [Read]

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