MyHeritage DNA is a company that analyses mouth swabs you send in to paint a picture of your genetic ancestry, and for Cyber Monday, it's a little bit more affordable! I've picked up these kits before, and they make good gifts for anyone who might be interested to learn how their genes battled and competed through the ages to make it to this illustrious year.

The gift of DNA swabs

MyHeritage DNA

Save on DNA testing

The MyHeritage DNA kit is a really great gift idea for this holiday season, and the $40 Cyber Monday saving sweetens the deal. The package gives you a bunch of cotton swabs that are then mailed off for analysis, charting the journey of your genes geographically, from generation to generation..

If you or a loved one has ever looked up at the stars and wondered if we were genetically spliced with aliens at some point 100,000 years ago which made our brains way bigger: this MyHeritage DNA kit will not answer that question. It will however give a detailed picture of where your genes came from geographically, and may even give insights into where you have distant relatives.

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My Heritage Dna Box SeSource: MyHeritage

Inside the kit is a couple of cotton swabs and instructions on how best to obtain and secure your DNA data for mailing. There's no blood involved, thankfully. Just a quick swab inside your cheek should do the job. Then, the vials are mailed away (expenses included with the kit) to a testing facility, which analyses your genes. Certain genes are known to have originally come from certain regions, and MyHeritage claims to have the largest databases for this information.

MyHeritage has robust privacy controls baked into the website, but you can also opt-in to share data and build up a family tree, offering the potential to find relatives you may not have known you had.

Analyses are delivered via an animated interactive experience once it has been done, so you can chart your genetic ancestry generation-to-generation. It's a pretty cool and unique gift idea, and Cyber Monday might be one of the best days to buy it this side of 2021.

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