We've seen a ton of storage deals during the Cyber Monday weekend. However, if you're still on the lookout for just the right sale, B&H has shaved $20 off of this 1TB drive from Crucial. It isn't the fastest drive out there, but at $95, it's an excellent pick for a speedy drive for storing your files, photos, and more.

Crucial 1tb Ssd Se Crop

Crucial 1TB SATA SSD | $20 off

Get a TB drive from a reputable brand, at a decent discount.

Crucial is a popular brand for SSDs, creating drives you can rely on for years. This SATA SSD comes with 1TB of storage, which can give you a huge bucket to store videos, photos, files, and more. It's relatively easy to add in to your current PC, too, only requiring you to hook up SATA and power cables.

SATA SSDs are the predecessor to the current M.2 standard that has popped up in computers in recent years. As such, they're slower than M.2 drives, but they're still fast enough that you won't notice except during particularly intensive tasks. Still, you'll be able to hit sequential read speeds of up to 560 MB/s and up to 510 MB/s of sequential writes.

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The drive can keep files safe with AES-256 encryption, and included Acronis True Image software makes it easy to keep things backed up. If you have a free 2.5" drive in your PC, it's also easy to slot into place.

If you just want an additional drive to store files for speedy access, this 1TB SSD is an excellent pick at a great price. For more storage or other PC parts, check out our roundup of some of the best Cyber Monday PC part deals you can snag right now.

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