The AmazonBasics gaming keyboard is down to $15.76 on Amazon. This keyboard regularly sells for around $25 and often goes as high as $35. This price is a couple bucks better than a deal we shared in September and only about a dollar above what it dropped to on Prime Day.

The keyboard has a few features that should appeal to gamers, including the ability to lock the Windows key and other context keys so you don't accidentally press out of your game and custom macros so you can execute complex commands. You can use the software that comes with it to set those macros up. It also has anti-ghosting so you can press up to 19 keys at once without losing any actions and media controls so you can play/pause/mute videos or music. You'll also be able to customize the lighting effects and save your changes to one of three profiles, which you can easily switch between. AmazonBasics devices come with a one-year warranty. Users give it 3.7 stars based on 149 reviews.

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