Amazon Wireless Super Sale: Focus, HD7, Quantum all $49

Good news: if you haven't bought a Windows Phone 7 device, now is your chance to get it for $49 on a 2 year contract. Sweet.

Bad news: the Samsung Focus, surprise surprise, is back-ordered for 8-9 days.

Still, for $49 it may be worth putting an order in now anyways.  All I know is I'm calling AT&T seeing about getting $150 back as a new customer.

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Amazon Wireless Super Sale: Focus, HD7, Quantum all $49


Great Deal!, but after playing around with the options for a few minutes, it would appear you have to change your data plan. I would hate to lose my unlimited data on any of my lines, as I was able to leave my data plan unaltered on my Samsung Focus I got in store at a AT&T Retail location.

Hope you have more luck than I on getting some money back. When I took my Palm Pixi back (hey, I got them for free!) b/c an online website was selling the HTC Aria for FREE when the ATT store had it at 129.99, they didn't even mention seeing if they could get me the discount in store. I mean, I know it was a steep discount but I was hoping they'd have atleast tried. Oh well, I ended up getting the Captivate anyway lol Now, trying to get a WP7!

I almost jumped on this too, but losing my unlimited data plan is the killer. FYI, if visit a Walmart store (not the online Letstalk store) and upgrade, they'll leaving your existing data plan as is, if you want. Sometimes Walmart stores have good price.

FYI - I just spoke to AT&T over the phone:

1.) If you have an unlimited data plan currently, they told me to select the Data Pro Regular (not Plus, enterprise, or tethering), and then call them back when I get the phone. THEY WILL SWITCH IT BACK TO UNLIMITED AND GRANDFATHER IT IN. SAME WITH TEXT MESSAGING. It might be good to call them anyways so that they put it in the notes for your account.

2.) The AT&T Sales rep I spoke with was SHOCKED that these phones were going for 50 bucks...I hope I didn't cause this deal to end...

3.) YOU DON'T HAVE TO CHANGE YOUR PHONE SERVICE if you're a current member of a family plan. (You still have to change your data, but see my #1)

Which number did you call, or did you just call ATT support and choose to speak to a representative? AT&T voice menu is such a pain, and I'm dying to keep my unlimited data.

Yes, just called the Support toll-free number and hung on til I got to speak to a rep. It was quite easy.

Definitely going to jump on this for the Focus despite the backorder. This will be my first smartphone so I don't have an unlimited data plan. I wish I could get in on that, especially with this having netflix streaming.

$50 is still a good deal for these phones, but I was lucky enough to order my HTC Surround (Focus was unavailable at the time) for a penny. 1 cent, no tax, free shipping. Can't beat that.

Ouch, by the time I was able to order it said shipping in 1-2 weeks, and the estimated delivery date is January 4th. I really really hope it gets here faster than that.

I pulled the trigger on this offer at Amazon. Before I did that though, I did two things. I went to the local AT&T store and told them that I was considering doing this and asked if they would match the price. No luck. Which is understandable. Soooo. I came home and did a little searching and was discouraged to read about possibly losing my grandfathered unlimited data (from iPhone 4 returned due to antenna problems and dropped calls). But the comment by Mike Eggleston gave me some hope. I surfed to the above Samsung Focus link and started the process - selected my individual plan, etc. When I got to the Additional Services screen, I called AT&T Customer Support and within two minutes was on the line with a very helpful CSR. I told him that I was trying to upgrade my existing line via AmazonWireless and was not able to select the Unlimited Data option. I told him I was concerned that I not lose that during this upgrade. He understood and said he had to do some research. After a few minutes he came back on the line and said that he had notated this in my account and that he would also like to call me back once the phone was delivered. I told him I didn't have a delivery date as I hadn't completed the transaction. So he asked me to complete the transaction while he put me on hold to do some more research - didn't tell me to select one plan over the other, so I selected Data Pro. My text message plan was on the list of options so I selected it too. After I got through the shipping/billing/upgrade eligibility/order review and order confirmation screens, I checked my mail and it said "estimated delivery Jan. 4, 2011" - He came back on and I told him the date and he was shocked. I said it was backordered and he asked what phone I had upgraded to. I told him Samsung Focus and he said, "Yeah those are going strong". I told him the price was $49. He was even more shocked. Speechless actually. Anyway, he said he didn't think it would take that long for me to get the phone. He made an appointment to call me on Dec. 15 to check in. I'll keep checking my order status at Amazon Wireless every day to see if there are any changes. Coming from a used Samsung Blackjack II WinMob 6.1...

Glad I could help! Your experience with the AT&T CSR was EXACTLY the same as mine, which I'm glad to hear!
FYI - I selected the "Messaging Unlimited" at the suggestion of the CSR as well, but it seemed like that Messaging Unlimited WAS MAYBE DIFFERENT than the "unlimited messaging" plan I have currently, and that when I call next week whatever my current unlimited messaging plan is will be grandfathered in as well. Just something to consider checking with the CSR, as I will do next week - I'll come back with an update after I speak with AT&T.

It's funny - I used to have a BlackJack II also! Don't know about your experience, but I was MUCH happier when I moved from the BJ2 to the Jack (BJ3). On the BJ2, AT&T Nav SUCKED and everything was much slower. The BlackJack II was good, but the Jack was a better phone.

At least this time we won't have to worry about calling AT&T back because of issues with that P.O.S. Xpress Mail...

Interesting. I've always just had the 200 message plan. None of my clan does text messaging that much. Just a few folks.

The first Samsung phone I had was the first BlackJack. I liked it a lot. I didn't use the web-browsing on it very much. It did however play very well with my company's MS Exchange setup.

I tested the Exchange support on the Focus in the local store and it connected just fine. I guess my company doesn't require the encryption piece that seems to be missing on the Focus. I didn't test sending e-mail... maybe I should go back to the store and try that again. I just figured if it downloaded and worked with the calendaring, all would be ok.

The Focus with WP7 just looks so clean and uncluttered. Very refreshing.

Yeah, I'm also planning to continually check the order status to see if anything changes. Actually, I've probably checked it 5 or 6 times today haha.

I just got a shipment confirmation from Amazon Wireless!!!!:

The following items have been shipped to you by AmazonWireless
1 of AT&T Single SIM Card UMTS 3G UICC-E (Version B) $0.00

1 of AmazonWireless Getting Started Generic Guide $0.00

1 of Samsung Focus Windows Phone (AT&T) $49.99

AND there's a tracking number for the shipment. Great news!

And tracking says expect delivery Monday!

Track your package
Date Time Location Event Details
Nov 24, 2010 7:41:14 PM Campbellsville KY US Shipment has left seller facility and is in transit

Awesome. I just checked mine and saw that it said in-stock and shipping soon and came here to post. Glad to hear you are getting yours too! I can't wait for mine to get here.

Mine was estimated as January 4, now it's November 29 or 30. No tracking number yet, for now I'm just browsing apps and such to figure out what I want. Also I'll be going to Office Max on Black Friday to get a Micro SD card.

It arrived this morning and has been activated. AT&T assures me that my unlimited Data plan and 200 txt plan options have been preserved. It came with a new SIM - we used that. Process took about 15 minutes altogether.

Oh, and NICE PHONE!!!!