AT&T Nokia Lumia 1020 drops to $199 on Amazon.com for one day sale

It looks like the price of the AT&T Nokia Lumia 1020 keeps getting aggressively priced, as Amazon.com has reduced its price from $249 to just $199 on contract (the off-contract price is still a slightly reduced $634).

The catch? It’s a one-day only sale.

Amazon’s business is to undercut the carriers by directly offering lower prices when they can. In that sense, Amazon will always be cheaper than the carriers, who benefit from having physical stores and the ability to walk in and out with a new smart phone that day. But for savvy shoppers, hitting the online marketplace is becoming more frequent. And in this case, users could save up to $100 compared to AT&T.

The flipside though is Microsoft Stores are selling the phone for $299 but with a free camera grip, making the standard Amazon price a wash if you were to pick up that accessory. But with this temporary $50 discount, users can save even more by going online.

The deal is good for all colors, including matte yellow, black and white and requires a two-year agreement with AT&T.

Source: Amazon; Thanks, ssapre and sepatown, for the tips


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AT&T Nokia Lumia 1020 drops to $199 on Amazon.com for one day sale


Wishful thinking!  This phone is worth the $199 out of pocket.  I don't see this phone going to $0 with contract.

No, I don't either. I don't see it dropping to maybe $99 until the end of its run. A year or more from now when I'm pocketing its updated sister or a pureview phablet this phone will still have plenty of value and will be a collector.

The 1020 cannot be compared to the 920.  My 920 was a nice phone.  They needed to move some 920's to get in the game.  The 1020 on the other hand is a gamebreaker and will remain a gamebreaker for a long time because of its sensor.  Just like the 808 is a collector it will be also.  Its always possible (and maybe because of its high cost) that they might overproduce and need to move some off the shelf at the end of its run but I highly doubt it.  I dont see them dropping below $149 and then possibl go to $99 clearance.

^This. I remember everyone saying it'll be dropped to $99 within a few days.... Yeah no. Just before the day the lowest price was $249. Just be happy with the deal your getting now.

I don't get why this phone has already been released in the US (where consumers couldn't give a monkey's wank about Nokia and Windows phones) yet we're still waiting in the UK?
At £420 PAYG, it would be selling like hotcakes here. Looks like it'll end up being nearer £600 for us, sigh.

Has anyone got pic of the white 1020 that shows how matte/shiny it is? And maybe one with a black wireless charge cover?

Well worth it. This phone is the first phone that is perfect for me. The camera, the build and design, bumblebee look with the wireless charging cover, the camera grip with battery. I guess if it was 1080, 64gig, with less bezel I would upgrade but I am perfectly Zen for now.

For me it's almost perfect. Improvements:
- add wireless charging
- add a microSD slot
- speed up the pro cam app launch and shot-to-shot times
- give it a less pronounced camera hump
But that's nitpicking, I might still succumb..

For me the camera hump is part of its charm and is a looks differentiator (in a good way)
But it sorely needs a microSD slot. Some of the most photogenic areas are places with no wifi or a cellular signal for uploading. That 32 gig will fill up pretty fast.
Is the shot tme not fast enough? Is it slow as the 920 where its best for stationary shots?

One other consideration might be insurance. When I got a 920 at the MS store, they offered a $25 protection plan. Full replacement for any reason, with a $50 deductible. Not sure if AT&T or Amazon have something similar.

This should be the normal price at AT&T and select stores have already been reported to sell it for this price. I'm curious what will happen with the pricing after the bandit/phablet press conf later this month. My guess is the price drops shortly after to $199, which means sales and amazon will get it down to $99. This has really been the one windows phone that hasn't had huge discounts right out of the bag. The 928 on Verizon could be had for free within a week of launch. 920 for $49 on at&t. I got a Focus S the day it launched for a penny and the Titan was on sale for the same price.

This phone should have started at $199 on contract. The off contract price on AT&T is $659 which is only $10-20 more than the off contract price of the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S4. So they aren't subsidizing as much as on the other phones.

When the articles about Microsoft buying Nokia came out, Ballmer said it. The Lumia 1020 is not selling as expected. WHY ? AT&T don't care. When they are going to wake up and understand that AT&T don't give a sh%$ about Windows phone besides next week Apple will release this year version of iPhone.Go and visit an AT&T store in the next weeks and you will see the difference in marketing and promoting a phone in an AT&T store.