Deal Alert: Amazon offering Nokia Lumia 900 for $19.99 or $49.99

Nokia Lumia 900 is $49.99 on Amazon

Amazon has the AT&T Nokia Lumia 900 4G for $19.99, complete with free shipping for existing AT&T customers who re-up their contract.  If you are adding a new line of service, either to an existing account or as new AT&T customer, the Lumia 900 can be yours for $49.99.  That's a pretty great price for a phone that jumped to the #1 and #3 spots on Amazon's Best Sellers list upon its arrival.  So if you missed Amazon's one penny pre-order period or Walmart's $49.99 sale, pop on over to Amazon.

If you are looking to pick up the Lumia 900 free of contract, you can also get it there for the full retail price of $499.99.

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Deal Alert: Amazon offering Nokia Lumia 900 for $19.99 or $49.99


i have the 2gb for $25 plan and it still keeps asking me to select a data plan when I try to order it, seems like i'll have to just place the order on the phone.

i did not get it without data plan, i an trying to keep my 2 gb for $25 data plan, but i can't keep that if i order it through amazon

Thanks you just saved me 30 dollars. I bought it this weekend on amazon for 49.99 and with the amazon price gurantee i got a $30 refund. !!!

ok, so I got up early today, took an early train into Chicago, and went to the Chicago launch event for this phone on Michigan Ave.  Its a pretty slick phone, and I won a $50 amex card, and was thinking I should go buy it for half off the $99.  Then I got to work and saw this article, headed right to amazon, and got the upgrade for $20, leaving me an extra $30 still on the amex card!  I can't beat getting this phone for free, and making $30 off the deal!

Called my corporate store and they say no price matching, you have to return the phone with a $35 restocking fee. Anybody call ATT direct?

None of these online prices (amzon, walmart etc) allow me to keep my unlimited data plan and foce me to choose one of the limited options which I dont want to do. Is there any way to keep my unlimited data plan while still availing of these great deals or I have to go to an AT&T store and pay $99?

For those with the 2GB plan:  I went to my local AT&T store and was told this happens often and you have 90 days to contact them to have your plan restored to the 2GB plan.  I was told you can't be made to change the plan by (amazon, walmart, etc.)  and you have to let AT&T know you didn't want your plan changed and they'll change it back.
Anyone who has done this may have better info on how it worked for them.

Great. Would love to hear from someone who has an unlimited data plan and kept that while ordering from Amazon

Is there a way to get the Amazon deal even though I'm not due for an "upgrade" until July?  I'm willing to extend the length of my contract.
I'm guessing since the option didn't pop up when checking out on Amazon I'm SOL. Maybe I selected the wrong options? Maybe you guys can give me a sliver of hope...

If you want to keep your grandfathered in unlimited data plan you can't do it through Amazon. DARN! Think I will wait for dual/quad core and higher resolution. Not quite a big enough leap from my Focus to spend 100 bukcs, but 20 I would have. May still get to big of an itch not to scracth but we will see.

I have been in a car accident and am in a hospital for the last few days. I want to get out of here and get my hands on one these. Expecting two surgeries including an ankle and thigh replacement.

Apparrently sometime between 2PM EST and 9:30PM EST if you are upgrading from a family account you are a sucker and can no longer get the $20 deal.  I hesitated for a moment knowing this was an unbelievably good deal and now I'm a sucker.  Will I pay $30 dollars more just because who know why!  I'm not sure!  I guess "families" have more to spend than individuals...

Confirmed with amazon that I cannot maintain my unlimited data plan if I purchase via their site. Have to get it from the ATT store.

Update:  Got my 900 activated it then called AT&T and they reinstated my 2GB plan on my account for this phone.  When I ordered from Amazon I selected the 300MB plan.
Don't know how this works for those with unlimited but it worked for the 2GB plan.