DEAL ALERT: Get a 16GB AT&T HTC 8X on Amazon for $50

Get a 16GB AT&T 8X on Amazon for $50

AmazonWireless is offering the 16GB HTC 8X for $49.99 if you sign up for a new AT&T individual or family plan. That is $150 less than what AT&T is selling the 8X for themselves. If you are already an AT&T subscriber and want to extend your contract, you can pick up the 8X for $99.99, or $129.99 if you are adding a new line of service to your account. All orders include free two-day shipping and come with Amazon's Best Price Guarantee.

The 8X is HTC's hero Windows Phone 8 device. It features a 4.3-inch Super LCD 2 Display with 1280 x 768 resolution, 8MP BSI rear camera, 2MP front camera and a dedicated HTC ImageChip. It also sports a dual-Core 1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 processor, 1GB of RAM, 1800 mAh battery, NFC, LTE, and built-in Beats Audio.

Source: Amazon; Thanks for the tip, Armando!


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DEAL ALERT: Get a 16GB AT&T HTC 8X on Amazon for $50


That's a good price for a for good phone. i would like to get my mom one but she doesn't need 3g of data a month.  I wish amazon didn't require the 3g data plan.

It is good for Verizon too...  I ordered an 8X for my brother yesterday at the same $99 rate via Amazon.  That's $100.00 cheaper than through Verizon proper.

The catch is that you have to keep it for 6 months. If you cancel it, you will be charged the original Verizon price plus cancellation fee from both Amazon and Verizon. Also don't forget cancellation fee. If all is well, it is a good deal.

We switched from Sprint to Verizon and ordered 4 8Xs on Saturday through Amazon and got them for $50 each. Awesome deal as far as I'm concerned. :) They should be arriving tomorrow and I can't wait!

I'm planning to switch to ATT from T-Mobile with 2-3 months left on contract. I keep seeing deals from Amazon wireless for these wp8 devices on sale, but from what I read, it's better to go to an ATT store in person when dealing with new accounts and porting numbers. Anyone here care to chime in? Thanks!

Personally, this is only my experience, but I have better luck and service when I call ATT than go into store.

My wife ported her number from Verizon to ATT, the entire port process took 10 min., she got an iPhone, I couldn't do the same since the cyan lumia I wanted was out of stock, once I got it my porting took 15 minutes, easiest port ever, btw I went into a store, first time using att since they bought cingular

I switched from Verizon to ATT last November. Had some issues with the number port but amazon wireless support was superb (ATT support was a joke) and resolved the issue quickly.

For those of you upgrading your phone, the cost is $99. The $49 seems to only apply to new customers. They have the same deal for the 8x on Verizon as well.
HOWEVER, Best Buy has the Verizon 8x on sale for $49 all 2-year contracts. Best deal on VZW 8x in weeks! I'd post the link but it won't let me and says I'm triggering the SPAM filter. Sorry.

You actually dont save $500, you lose about $700.  Do the math.
Just buy it factory unlocked and use it on Straight Talk.  It costs more now, but way less in the long run.  It'll even pay for your ETF many times over.
Idiots, trying to save $50 today, just so AT&T can hold you over a barrel for the next 24 billing cycles.  Unless you don't mind paying extra for AT&T's outstanding support.  ST's support is actually pretty amazing. 
I plugged my Straight Talk SIM into my unlocked 8X and was up and running in 5 minutes.  Only drawback is no LTE.  But that's a useless battery hog anyway.  HSPDA is fine for 99% of people.

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