Deal Alert: Lumia 520 (AT&T GoPhone) for $69 with Amazon Prime

The Nokia Lumia 520 has been one of the most important phones for Microsoft and Nokia. One estimate by AdDuplex from last month put the Lumia 520 at 33% share of all Windows Phone 8 devices. Not bad when you consider how that phone has only been available for a few months.

Coming in at $99 on AT&T as a pre-paid GoPhone is one heck of a deal. It’s even more of a deal when it’s just $69.99 on Amazon and yes, it’s Prime (that means free shipping for those with Prime accounts). We want to be clear: that’s $69.99 for a no-strings attached Lumia 520. You can throw in any AT&T SIM and get service without a contract, just pay as you go. Already have an AT&T account? You can throw in your existing SIM and start using the Lumia 520 without extending your contract.

The Lumia 520 sports a 1 GHz dual-core CPU, 512 MB of RAM and a modest 4-inch 800x480 display. It’s by no means a powerhouse, especially with just a 5 MP shooter, but it’s more than adequate as a daily driver, spare phone, a phone for your parents or just because you have $70 and you want to try it out.

If the Lumia 520 for $69  tickles your fancy (you can read our review or see our AT&T unboxing), then head to Amazon.com now to have it delivered. You can also grab it for even cheaper ($59) from Tiger Direct starting Friday.

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Deal Alert: Lumia 520 (AT&T GoPhone) for $69 with Amazon Prime


Its a kick ass deal, we need some deals like that in Australia, it can tko all its similarly priced competitors!

Picked up the deal through Radio Shack on this phone with the free cyan back plate and 8g SD card for my daughter.

Can this be unlocked easily? Hoping to use for a spare. Live in Canada. Looks like it will ship here.

This intrigued me, so I went to look at GoPhone plans just for kicks.  There's a $60 month-month plan with unlimited text/talk and 2GB data, no contract.  WTF?  I pay $70 a month for 450 minutes of anytime, 300MB data, and 1000 texts, ON CONTRACT (when I got it).  Am I reading this right???  To make an equivalent plan on AT&T contract would cost me $100+.  What am I missing here???

Well, they technically charge (and keep charging) you for the phone they subsidized indefinitely when you're using post paid. Prepaid people are only paying for the plan but prepaid isn't great with roaming and data.

Does that mean after my 2-year contract is up, I can switch to a GoPhone plan and save a bunch of money?

OMG, does that also mean that for the period of time when I was "between" contracts (5 years) I was paying subsidies on a phone I no longer had??? =(((

Go phone is cheaper only because you get lower spec phones. If you want high end smartphones, you need a contract.

You're not missing anything. I'm on that plan and it serves me well (LTE speeds too). I dumped my contact with AT&T, switched to GoPhone and am saving $30/mo.

Thanks for opening my eyes. I think I just had an epiphany.  Now I know how they are offering phones cheap on-contract.  You pay for it, just another way! =O

Yes a contract is about $30 more expensive and while ATT allowed you to upgrade every 18 months, that wasn't that bad since you would pay about 18x30+ 200( for upgrade) and that was about 740 for premium phone. I said that wasn't bad because for the same phone you would have to cash out $650 outright. But when they changed eligibility from 18 months to 24 months, that was it. I paid ETF and left. 

ATT's go phone network is not as extensive as the regular ATT. I had a go phone in the White Mountains of New Hamphire. My phone did not work up on the mountain. Another woman had regular ATT. Her phone worked. So if you're not in the boonies much, the gophone network is fine. I've had regular and gophone ATT for years, then switched to an ATT MVNO red pocket mobile on a LG Nexus 4 and it works fine.

What does Amazon Prime have to do with anything? It's free shipping for everyone because it's over $35. 

Yes that is if you have Prime, which costs money. When it says Prime, you know it is coming from Amazon which means hassle free returns, free shipping over $30, and low cost shipping upgrades.

Since I still don't understand if my ZuneHD will work after today, this may be a good device to use for some music.

Can it work internationally? Sorry for the stupid question. If so I would love to use it in the Philippines when I visit

Wonder how 5xx would be against moto x next year. It will be tough, 5xx should have flash, that's the most thing people complain about

At this price it's 1/3rd of the price of moto x. Frankly, I think they are selling these at a loss.

The 520 is a class phone reliable fast i haven't come across anything it can't do battery could do with a bit more but again you can control it & turn things off it's a Nokia & windows phone what more could you want & i payed £60.00 for mine unlocked from CPW the only place to buy phones from.

My store (radioshack) is also selling it at 69$. Thought about getting it for a cheap GPS/MP3 player.

Are there any sites that still sell the ATT 520 unlock code? I just checked and could not find any, found 3 that had a 'no longer works' or 'database down' do not order on them.

Is it shut down like the 1020 unocks now?


Yes, where did you get a link to unlock it?  It's Dec 17th and I believe you can no longer unlock AT&T Lumia 520...  I sent to few sites and they are all not available for that model/provider

I bought my Gram an iphone 3GS a couple years ago on contract. Anyone know how to get a new SIM for the 520 since the iphone SIM won't work? Would ATT charge for a SIM?

I have the same question, using an old WP7 phone with full size SIM. I am assuming I can just drop into an ATT store and get a micro-SIM to use with my current account.

The GoPhone service is great.  You don't have to pay any of those annoying telecom taxes/fees either, just sales tax each month.  I have mine set to autofill each month so the service continues without interruption.  It works with any 4g/LTE AT&T phone and you can walk into any AT&T store when you have problems (yes you get LTE and all AT&T coverage).  My AT&T bill before was always in the $80~$90 range, GoPhone would cost me $65/month for 2GB (60+sales tax).  I'm actually on the $40/month plan for 200MB and haven't used more than 100MB/month for the past three months.  The only downside so far has been when trying to buy the Lumia 1520 off-contract, they refused to sell it to me at a corporate store on the grounds they were only selling to people on contract (MF'ers).  I went to an MS store in the Chicago/oakbrook center and picked one up instead for $35 bucks cheaper.

At this rate, I'm saving $40/month, enough to buy a new phone about every year when you add in the money I get from selling my old phone ($480 in savings + ~ $300 for my old phone on ebay).

Question: if you use wireless internet to download maps, can this phone be used as a GPS without ever having a SIM installed? That might be nice to have a semi-permanent 520 GPS in the car that can be used as a phone if needed.

There's no reason it wouldn't just for the media player capabilities, right? I have a 928 on Verizon and don't need service on this phone. I have a Zune HD that I no longer use and don't like running my battery on on my 928.

Can i buy and use it in India. Please help me, i am about buy Nokia Lumia 520 through Ebay Global Easy Buy.

It is the product of AT&t service. how can i use it in India. It says that there is no contract for those gophone.

The links are here 




I am very eagerly waiting for the reply

Hi, from where u got it unlocked. Please share the link/process to unlock it..
Hi, please update if you come to know how and from where to unlock it to use in India..

Does this phone require a data plan? I want to take my sim from my current plan and use the 520 as a phone.  I do not want to add a data plan. I am surrounded by WiFi most of the time and can use WiFi if I need to use the smart phone capabilites.

I don't believe you can unlock this phone any longer, so it makes a great fancy MP3 player...  I shall stuff it in my junk drawer until it's old enough to throw away.  Nice phone otherwise.