ICYMI: August 23, 2014

A lot can happen in a week. New apps join the Windows Phone Store or Windows Store. Your favorite apps can get a big update with a new look or new features. Device rumors come and go. Seven days might not seem like much, but it can be an eternity in the tech news cycle. Every week we're going to compile the biggest stories into one post, so you never fall behind – In Case You Missed It.

Windows Phone

Lumia 530

  • First look at the ultra-budget Nokia Lumia 530 dual-SIM Windows Phone [Coverage]
  • Microsoft's Nokia Lumia 830 gets real with photos and certification in Brazil exposing all [Coverage]
  • Nokia Lumia 520 getting Cyan update in Africa, Latin America, more of Europe and Middle East [Coverage]
  • Lumia Cyan is going out to many Lumia 920s worldwide, here is the full list [Coverage]
  • Rumored Miracast dongle may be Microsoft's answer to Apple TV, Chromecast for Windows Phone [Coverage]
  • Unlocked Lumia 530 up for UK pre-order, costs a bit more than expected [Coverage]

HTC One (M8) for Windows


  • HTC One (M8) for Windows officially announced, available today on Verizon [Coverage]
  • Hands-on video with Verizon's new HTC One (M8) for Windows [Coverage]
  • HTC One (M8) for Windows wins Silver Medal in benchmarks, becomes world's fastest Windows Phone [Coverage]
  • HTC One (M8) for Windows official specs [Coverage]
  • HTC One M8 with Windows Phone 8.1 — a preview! [Coverage]
  • Hands-on photos of the new HTC One (M8) for Windows [Coverage]
  • Camera comparison: HTC One (M8) for Windows vs Samsung ATIV SE vs Lumia Icon [Coverage]
  • HTC One (M8) for Windows is coming to AT&T, too [Coverage]
  • This is Cortana with the Dot View case on the HTC One for Windows [Coverage]

Microsoft + Windows

Dock Monitor

  • Steve Ballmer steps down as Microsoft board member [Coverage]
  • Quick review of the Surface Pro 3 Docking Station [Coverage]
  • Surface Pro 3 gets new but small out-of-schedule firmware update [Coverage]
  • Skype relief is finally coming with notifications only on the device you're currently using [Coverage]
  • Here is how to block ads in IE 11 for Windows 8.1 [Coverage]
  • Windows 9 'Threshold' said to be unveiled on September 30 [Coverage]



  • CoPilot announces new Premium navigation apps for Windows Phone [Coverage / Download]
  • Xbox Video gains faster app startup and playback in new update [Coverage / Download]
  • Innovative Uber integration coming to running app Track Runner [Coverage / Runtastic]
  • Runtastic Pro gains improved layout, heart rate zones and more for Windows Phone 8.1 [Coverage / Download]
  • Xbox One SmartGlass app updated with remote game purchases and more [Coverage / Download]
  • New AFL Live app brings live Australian Football League matches to your Windows Phone [Coverage / Download]
  • Studying anatomy this fall? Essential Anatomy 3 for Windows 8.1 is on sale [Coverage / Download]
  • NFL Fantasy Football update allows you to add players, set your lineup and more [Coverage / Download]
  • Maestro email app gets demoed, shows off quick actions and more [Coverage]


Enter The Mind

  • Tentacles: Enter the Mind for Windows and Windows Phone with Xbox Live now available worldwide [Coverage / Download]
  • Doodle God goes free to play with Doodle Planet on Windows Phone [Coverage / Download]
  • Assassin's Creed Pirates drops anchor on Windows 8, Windows Phone version temporarily delisted [Coverage / Download]


Xbox One

  • Latest Xbox One update rolling out with mobile purchasing, 3D Blu-ray support and more! [Coverage]
  • Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson brings new workouts to Xbox Fitness [Coverage]
  • ReddX is a new Reddit app for your Xbox One [Coverage]
  • Xbox One digital pre-orders and pre-loading of games start now with Madden NFL 15 [Coverage]
  • China approves 5 million Xbox One consoles can be sold for September 23 launch [Coverage]



  • Weekly photo contest: Outdoors [Coverage]
  • Leave up to 8 comments for 8 chances to win the HTC One (M8) for Windows [Coverage]
  • Win a Lumia 635 from Nokia US for the new school year [Coverage]
  • Alienware talks to us about their upcoming Windows living room PC, the Alpha [Coverage]

Thoughts from this past week

I was prepared to not like or want the HTC One (M8) for Windows, but I'm starting to reconsider after seeing it in action. It's a beautiful device running my favorite operating system. The Dot View case with Cortana looks very cool.

I'm just still hesitant about HTCs overall support towards the Windows Phone platform. The HTC 8X has yet to receive Windows Phone 8.1 while countless Lumia handsets have received that very update. There's no way to predict how HTC will support the One (M8) with Windows going into the future, but I'm hesitant. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

The HTC One (M8) for Windows was announced as a Verizon exclusive, but AT&T quickly announced they'd be carrying the handset "soon". An international release is likely at this point and I'm holding out hope for T-Mobile to pick up support as well. It'd be fun to play with a high-end device that isn't a Lumia.

On the other hand, the Lumia 830 might be a sleeper hit if priced right. It's expected to bring PureView camera technology into an affordable handset. It'll also be on the smaller size, which should appeal to those tired of the phablet craze and want their phone to be the same size as a phone.

Two weeks and some odd days to go until Destiny lands on the Xbox One. Can't wait to spend hours exploring. That is until the Master Chief Collection comes two months later.

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Reader comments

ICYMI: August 23, 2014


Sam, I find it kind of unfair to judge HTC's support based on how they didn't get this particular update as soon as Lumia phones did. For almost every update besides this one, HTC has been the first ones to get it, while Nokia lagged behind, but that didn't stop you from buying Lumias. They've brought over quite the software suite, which I think shows that they're dedicated to this thing..... Just my two cents, tho

That's not why we judge HTC. We judge HTC because of Everything(which is nothing) they've done for WP. When you release 3 phones(8x, 8s, and 8xT) in 2 years time....I'd hope you'd be able to update faster.

How many Lumias on how many carriers across the world with different specs are there?

Even Samsung has been better than HTC has these past 2 years. I didn't buy Lumia JUST for the fact they got updates. I brought Lumia because they had the updates, go the apps, Had the better design, Camera, Video Recording Features, First Phablet, Wireless charging(though the 8x had it as well i think) and the enhancements their software gives my phone.

Let's not act like people are "hating on HTC" just because of one little thing. From what I understand, HTC titan users also dislike HTC for how they handled support in the Wp7. They are no some helpless victim that people just despise.....The reputation and negativity with it has been earned.

Lol when you're bribed by Microsoft and paid $1 billion a year, I would hope that you're more dedicated to the platform (oh, but wait, Nokia still broke their contract and released the Nokia X. To my knowledge, HTC has never given a middle finger that big to the WP platform). HTC does not have that luxury and is tiny compared to Samsung and wasn't bribed by Microsoft. Do I need to explain this to you again? I've already had to do it in the forums....

Did you even read the guy's post? He was talking about how HTC's support was being unfairly judged and you go on shooting off on other wild tangents.

By the way, HTC has consistently supported Windows Phone from the very beginning with many unique designs specific to Windows Phone. As far as I know the HTC One is the only design being ported over from Android, and it's a world class design. Keep in mind many of Nokia's designs are just copies or variations of their N9.

Who is this WE?
I see only you and the PPL who slightly agree with you don't want to be represented by Micah Dawson.

HTC M8 is a completely different phone and a different beast. Yes there was lack of support from HTC with their previous devices but a large part of it was that there's so few HTC windows phone users (Windows Phone market share 2.5%). The previous HTC phones were "okay" devices but a lot of people didn't see the value in those phones and to me seem more like copies of the Lumia line with the different colors. HTC & Microsoft saw an opportunity to change the HTC perception by releasing a phone that has already made a name for it self and it's just as good if not better than the majority of the Lumia lines (camera can be debated). If more people switch to windows phone BC of the M8 that will increase the wp market share and if Lumia users switch to HTC by no means is it a downgrade.
I currently own a 1020 but the HTC looks so nice that I might switch when it comes to at&t.
Lumia phones are amazing and I would never talk anyone out of getting one but right now the "go to phone" for me is the M8.

I am hoping after this week, the HTC One hype dies down and we get baack to the Lumia related news. I am excited to see that 830(even though I have a 1520) for the selfie cam alone.

Micah, I've had to tell you this 3 times. The 730 is the selfie phone and will be midrange at best with a snapdragon 600, 1GB of RAM, and a 540p display. It's a massive downgrade from the HTC One.

Definitely will be skipping over Lumia news until I see "High-end Lumia". Until then lets keep the HTC hype going

Never said it was lol. I just said I am ready for this hype to die down and get back to discussing Lumia which most of us have and care about :)

First off, we are still discussing Lumia, but also mentioning HTC. Before, the editors would never talk about HTC and Samsung unless they have a new phone or app updates.

I own a 920, but changing to the M8. I like both Lumia and this kind of news, but if you don't like the HTC news, you don't have to read it. Even the WPC commenting guidelines said that too. :)

My last week comments. Updated my 1020 to Cyan. Disappointed. No folders, no Cortana car Bluetooth feature, my treasure tag will not connect. Went back to my 920 dev preview phone. Happy now. The ear speaker during a call is way louder than my 1020 ever was. Got folders and Cortana in the car working too.

Probably because in dev preview you have 8.1 Update 1, while in cyan its 8.1 only. (and your region ain't set to US) If I'm wrong, sorry i just wanted to help there.

I'm pretty sure your correct I don't see how you read this site everyday and don't know that the 8.1 update is the first part and folders are coming later how can you be disappointed when folders weren't there in developer preview until a update

Thanks, that's one reason. Plus, when the 1520 came to AT&T, it was too big of a phone for me. I also like the the M8 more. Here's why:
Awesome speakers
Premium design
32GB Built In
MicroSD support
5 inches 1080p
IR Blaster
HTC Advantage
Thin and light (high end Lumias can't seem to figure that one out AHEM 920 and 930)
More comfortable (for me)
On screen buttons (I prefer them)
Better accessories (imo)
Better processor (faster and more efficient)
Better battery life than Icon
Quick camera app (NC is slow on my 920)

Yes, I know the Lumia cameras are better, I hear it from every Lumia extremist, but for a casual photographer, I really don't mind the camera on it. It's not awful, and it has pretty neat features, plus the duo camera is pretty sweet.

I'm excited to finally upgrade from my 920. :D

My reasons also and why I'll be switching from Nokia, again. I don't feel like I'm just settling for a device with the HTC One. It has what I want in a device. I truly, 110%, want it and I'm anxious to get it. With Nokia I'M never 100%, have to flip a coin to decide on the purchase and why I'm still using the 1020. Not one Lumia that has been released after the 920 has made me feel the way I do about the HTC One. So what, the Lumia devices have phenomenal cameras which is the last spec I look at when deciding on a device. The One's camera is no Nokia, but adequate. Like I said before, I only have a 1020 because it was an insurance replacement and would of "never" intentionally purchased it. I am happier using the 1020 instead of the iPhone as a replacement, but that's more related to the OS than the device.

I agree, I'm 100% with you. I love Nokia, and think they make excellent devices, don't get me wrong, but like you said, Nokia might put all of the features in one phone, but it's too big for many (1520) and perfect size but missing on some features (930).

Did you read what I said. One M8 Max. It hasn't been created yet. The last Max is based off of M7. So back to what I was saying. I would replace my 1520 for a HTC One M8 Max

The HTC one I'm considering but downgrading from a 20MP (1520) to a 4MP (One), I wont be able to compete in the photo contests anymore.

I changed my mind on the M8 with Windows, I want something smaller, if the 830 is small, I'll give it a look otherwise, I may get an iPhone or BlackBerry Classic, whichever comes first.

It's cool people are excited for the HTC M8 but the Nokia vs HTC thing gives me a headache the phone is newer than a 1020 or 1520 but stop saying it's a upgrade it's just you wanting a new phone which you are entitle to buy whatever you want

They can talk about any phone they want on their articles. HTC M8 and Nokia Lumia. If you got a problem with them making articles on HTC or Nokia wont you just make a darn article yourself sheesh.

Somebody help my battery drains really fast i charge it till it becomes 100% then after one minute it becomes 93% whataaa any suggestions for this issue?!

Have you tried setting the brightness to low?? (or automatic mode) turn off location if not needed, what apps are you using??

Or maybe you really need a battery replacement (if your phone has a removable battery)

SEEMS FASTER..... Htc One M8 I mean, apparently the fastest windows phone to date with superior battery life to its android equivalent, if it sells it will be a hit and will be supported by Htc with all the latest updates, still a Nokia fan and love my 1020 but have to say well done HTC!!!!

I have some strange issues with my Lumia 920 after updating to Cyan. All was fine until few days ago when the Facebook app began to behave strangely. The profile pictures and some images from the timeline did not show up. The people hub doesn't show any news from Facebook. Then I've tried to download some maps but surprise: " We can't reach the maps library right now. Make sure airplane mode is turned off and check your cellular data or Wi-Fi connection, then try back later." and I really need the maps because I use them every day. The internet is working fine (wi-fi)

I've made all kinds of resets: soft, hard, Nokia recovery tool but none solved my problems, I've tried also the Update 1 from the Developer Preview but with no luck.

Does anyone have this problems?

dear guys, thanks for the news. i signed just few hours ago, but i am allready addict :) my little treasure is 1020 Cyan, myself very happy having no issues after all the updates lately. i am using Runtastic, it was a nice app before and still is, but now i have to drink more - it tells me how much water vaporize while i run :) cheers! you're doing a good job hier, never thought news only about wp could be so interesting. TA!

It's definitely an upgrade. The Android version is a better device than anything WP has out,check the reviews. If this device is not on the same level, its because of the OS. I'm going on a boat cruise today, I can't watch the little league world series on my phone because there isn't an app for that. That's why people don't by WP unfortunately.