WP Central's Roundup of Ninja Games

Windows Phone Central's Roundup of Ninja Games

In this week's Windows Phone Central Roundup we sneak around with ninja games. The are games of skill and stealth that pit you against fruit, pandas and bamboo bundles. Games that test your skills with the sword and throwing star.

These games are fun time wasters and some have that addictive quality that keeps you coming back for more action.

As always, if your favorite ninja game isn't listed, no need to panic. If we didn't tap your favorite ninja game, feel free to share in the comments below.

Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja (free trial/$.99): Released in December of 2010, Fruit Ninja is part of the first Xbox Live games for your Windows Phone. It's a fun, challenging, addictive game that has you slicing up fruit with your ninja sword. The more fruit and combinations of fruit you slice, the more points. Just be careful not to take a whack at one of the bombs that get thrown into the mix.

Fruit Ninja has three game modes. Classic Mode is where you try to slice all the fruit and avoid the bombs. Miss three pieces of fruit or hit a bomb and the game is over. Arcade Mode is a 60 second free for all where you try to collect as many points while avoiding the bombs. The Arcade Mode also has three bonus bananas that slow down the screen, double your points or start a frenzy of fruit flying through the air.

There is also a Zen Mode that is a 90 second game where you try to slice up the most points. No bombs or bonus bananas with the Zen Mode, just you, your sword and some unsuspecting fruit.

Add unlockable items (swords and backgrounds), an online leaderboard, and Xbox Live achievements and Fruit Ninja isn't a bad choice of games for your Windows Phone.

There is a free trial version available for Fruit Ninja with the full version running $.99. You can find it all here at the Windows Phone Store.

Pandas vs Ninjas

Pandas vs. Ninjas (free/$2.99): With Pandas vs. Ninjas, you actually play the role of the panda and not the ninja. It's still a fun game and has ninjas so we included it in the Roundup.

Pandas vs. Ninjas is an Angry Birds styled game where the ninjas are held up in stick fortresses that you have to destroy (taking out the ninjas in the process) by hurling pandas at the structures.

Pandas vs. Ninjas has six areas of play that contain multiple levels that progressively get more challenging. Animations are nice and game play is challenging enough to keep you interested. There are two versions of Pandas vs. Ninjas available at the Windows Phone Store.

You have a free ad-supported version and an ad-free $2.99 Pandas vs. Ninjas Premium version.

Slice and Throw

Slice and Throw (free): Slice and Throw is a challenging game that will test your skills with the sword and throwing star. The game will also test your skills of concentration with targets that you should let pass instead of nailing with a shuriken star or slicing in half.

The concept is along the lines of Fruit Ninja (just no fruit) but with a little bit of a twist (or should I say throw?). Colored scrolls are tossed into the air and you are to slice them up. As your slicing and dicing, moving targets scroll across the screen that you have to take out with throwing stars. The challenge rests with avoiding the red scrolls and bomb targets.

Slice and Throw has three game modes. Classic Mode affords you five misses of the scrolls to advance through the ten levels. Arcade Mode is a ninety second game where you try to rack up as many points as possible. Adventure Mode allows you to miss scrolls as you work your way through the levels of play. Where Classic affords you five misses, Adventure affords you five hits on the red scrolls or bombs.

Slice and Throw also has multi-touch bonus rounds in the Arcade and Adventure modes where you can throw multiple shuriken stars at moving targets for bonus points. Slice and Throw is a entertaining game for your Windows Phone that grows on you. Slice and Throw is a free, ad supported game that you can find here at the Windows Phone Store.

Shuriken Ninja

Shuriken Ninja (free/$1.99): Where Fruit Ninja tests your skills with a sword, Shuriken Ninja tests your skills with a throwing star.

Shuriken Ninja has a series of game modes where you have to take out targets with your throwing stars. Target Challenge calls for you to hit twenty targets under time limits. As you progress, the targets get smaller and smaller. Classic, Master and Shinto are multi-level game modes with various target challenges with a limited supply of throwing stars.

Shuriken Ninja also has a level creator so you can build your own target challenges in the Classic, Master and Shinto modes. You can upload your levels for others players to download as well as download levels created by other Shuriken Ninja players. Shuriken Ninja has really grown into a really nice game for our Windows Phone. It is a well animated, challenging game that is a very good time waster as well as an enjoyable game to sit down with for longer spurts of time.

There are two versions of Shuriken Ninja available over at the Windows Phone Store. You have an ad supported free version and a $1.99 ad free version available.


NinjaBoy+ (free/$.99): NinjaBoy+ has you playing the role of young Tadeo who has to run, jump and chomp his way through various levels of puzzles. You have to collect star along the way and avoid hazards that will alert the enemy.

Movement is controlled by tilting your Windows Phone and tapping the screen to have Tadeo jump. You will eventually learn to karate chop enemies. As you get within striking distance of the bad guys, just tap on the enemy to chop them out of the picture.

The multi-level game has two areas of play with more coming in future updates. NinjaBoy+ is a nicely animated, enjoyable game for short spurts of time. There are two versions of NinjaBoy+ available at the Windows Phone Store.

You have the free, ad supported version of NinjaBoy+and a $.99 ad free version, NinjaBoy (no + sign).


NinjaAcademy (free): NinjaAcademy is basically a simplified version of Slice and Throw. Simplified in that NinjaAcademy only has one game mode and the dangerous targets are a little more better defined.

You have a series of wooden targets scrolling along the background that you have to nail with your throwing stars. While your busy with that task, bundles of bamboo will be tossed into the air that you have to slice. Miss a bamboo bundle and you lose a life. Every now and then a stick of dynamite is thrown into the mix and if you slice it, you lose a life. Lose all five lives and the game is over.

Where Slice and Throw has more meat to the game (more game modes, bonus rounds, etc.) NinjaAcademy isn't a bad time waster of a game in its own right.

NinjaAcademy is a free game that you can snatch up here at the Windows Phone Store.

Ninja games for your Windows Phone

So there you have it. A Roundup of ninja themed games for your Windows Phone. Some are more addictive than other but each worth a try with the free versions. I have to admit that I had forgotten how addictive Fruit Ninja and Shurikin Ninja can be. The other titles also have a degree of addictiveness but maybe not as strong as those two titles.

If you have a favorite ninja themed game, feel free to sound off in the comments.