5 great gaming mouse pads

If you want to be the best, you need to have the best equipment — in the world of PC gaming, that includes your mousepad.

It might be an overlooked part of your gaming rig, but when you're playing games where precision absolutely counts, a quality mousepad could be the difference between fragging or getting fragged yourself.

We've broken down some of the best mousepads that are exceptionally well-made or offer outstanding value.

Razer Vespula Dual-Sided Gaming Mouse Mat

Razer Vespula Dual-Sided Gaming Mouse Mat

Razer is a trusted name in PC gaming, and their Vespula Dual-Sided Gaming Mouse Mat is one of the best you can buy.

As the name implies, there are two sides to this mousepad — a textured side that's ideal when you need precise control, and a smoother side for when mouse speed is most important. Both are made of a non-slip, anti-reflective plastic material. On top of being dual-sided, this is also a two-part mousepad, with the two-sided surface resting on top of a rubber mat, which also features a gel-filled wrist rest.

The Vespula's design is pretty slick, featuring green accents on a black mat. Coming in at 12 inches by 10 inches, you'll have plenty of space to zip your mouse around this pad.

Given its versatility, the Razer Vespula Dual-Sided Game Mouse Mat is a great option that's been used and abused by professional gamers around the world.

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Razer Goliathus CONTROL

Razer Goliathus CONTROL Mousepad

Another entry from Razer, the Goliathus is a more traditional mousepad, featuring a textured, woven pattern for precise gaming control with a non-slip rubber base.

Heavy-duty stitching around the edges helps to prevent fraying or separation between the fabric and rubber materials. It's quite soft, so your hand and wrist should remain comfortable throughout your marathon gaming session. It comes rolled up, but instantly lies flat, meaning you'll be able to quickly roll it up and take it with you wherever you go.

The Goliathus is available in four different sizes — Small (8.4 inches by 10.7 inches), Medium (10 inches by 14 inches), Large (14 inches by 17.5 inches), and Extended (11.5 inches by 36.2 inches) which is wide enough to accommodate your keyboard as well.

Portable, comfortable, and stylish, the Goliathus is a great option for any hardcore gamer. The Goliathus SPEED is also available, but is slightly less comfortable and features a smoother surface for speedier mouse movement.

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Turtle Beach Drift Premium Gaming Pad

Turtle Beach Premium

The Turtle Beach Drift Fast Premium Mousepad features a high-quality microfiber surface in four different sizes, so you can pick the right one to suit your gamer needs.

It features a 100% natural rubber anti-slip base which ensures the mousepad will stay in place as you play — pretty standard stuff. But what you'll definitely enjoy is the anti-fray stitched edge around the perimeter of the pad, meaning this thing is designed for a long life with heavy use.

The Drift comes in Medium (10.6 inches by 8.6 Inches), Large (13.7 inches by 9.8 inches), X-Large (17.7 inches by 13.7 inches), and Wide (35.4 inches by 11.8 inches) — the latter being designed to accommodate both your mouse and keyboard.

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SteelSeries QcK Gaming Mouse Pad

SteelSeries QcK Gaming Mouse Pad

No need for any fancy bells and whistles? This one from another notable name in gaming, SteelSeries, is as basic as they come — which is reflected in the price.

Featuring a smooth cloth surface on a rubber base, this extra large mousepad is 12.6 inches by 10.6 inches and will provide all the space you'll need. It's also the cheapest mousepad on this list, coming in at under $10. So if you're looking for a simple, comfortable mousepad but don't want to pay too much, this is a great option.

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CushionCare Large Black Gaming Mouse Pad

CushionCare Large Black Gaming Mouse Pad

Another cheap-yet-solid option for those looking for a reliable gaming mousepad, the CushionCare is 12.6 inches by 10.6 inches and is made of woven silk and foam rubber and features stitching around the edges to prevent damage and deformation.

This is a durable, machine-washable mousepad that is specifically designed for high-DPI gaming mice and comes with a 3-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Oh, and did we mention that it also comes with a 1600 DPI gaming mouse? While that's a pretty standard add-on, it's a great value considering the price. If you're the type of gamer who likes to play competitively at conventions or throw down at a LAN party, you'll know the value of having an extra mouse in your bag.

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Corsair MM600 Gaming Mouse Mat

Corsair MM600 Gaming Mouse Mat

The last couple entries on this list have been solid, if not unspectacular, but we'll wrap things up with the dual-sided Corsair MM600 Gaming Mouse Mat.

This is quite literally one of the most solid mousepads you'll find, featuring a core made of aircraft-grade aluminum, smooth and textured polymer surfaces, and non-slip rubber grips at each corner. At 14.2 inches by 10.7 inches, you'll have all the space you need and you'll never have to worry about frayed edges, surfaces, or other imperfections.

As mentioned, this pad features two surfaces — a coarse, textured side that provides precision control and an ultra-smooth side if you prefer an easy-gliding mouse.

With a solid aluminum build and no fabric fraying to worry about, the Corsair MM600 could be your ideal mouse surface for years of PC gaming.

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What do you use?

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