This perfect miniature gaming chair is $40 off, it's great for kids or even for your dog to play Bark Souls

What began as a joke became the best gaming chair for kids. The Secretlab XXS is a 1:2 replicate of the company's well-reviewed Titan lineup, bringing the quality of high-end gaming chairs to a smaller size. The Titan XXS is $40 off for Black Friday.

Secretlab Titan XXS | was $319 now $279 at Secretlab

Secretlab Titan XXS | was $319 now $279 at Secretlab

This adorable gaming chair is the perfect throne for your child to enjoy playing games or watching you enjoy your favorite titles. It's sturdy, well-built, and adjustable. It also has locking casters for safety.

✅Perfect for: Kids who enjoy gaming or watching other people game. The Secretlab XXS is a sturdy and well-built chair that will last for years.

❌Avoid it if: You are on a budget. Note that the chair has a 70kg (154lbs) weight limit and is meant for people shorter than 160cm (5'3").

🔍Our review: Secretlab Titan XXS review: This gaming chair is for the dogs... and smaller humans

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Who is the Secretlab XXS for?

The Secretlab XXS (right) next to a standard-sized Anda Seat Phantom 3 gaming chair (left). (Image credit: Future)

Gaming is a growing hobby for younger children and is also a popular way for parents and kids to spend time together. The list of the best Xbox kids games is impressive and growing. Minecraft, Among Us, and Kingdom Hearts III are just a few excellent family-friendly games. If you do choose to have a dog in the chair, there's always PAW Patrol World.

I admit that I wrote my Secretlab Titan XXS review as a joke. I did genuinely run the chair through its paces, but I did it from the playful angle of having my dogs use it. But since that review in February 2022, I gave the chair to a friend of mine who games with his children, who are 8 and 4.

The chair has held up well in that time, acting as a throne and trusty companion for my friend's children for almost two years. His four-year-old said "it's great" when asked about the chair. The eight-year-old said "it's ok" but I'm fairly certain that was said in jest. My friend confirmed that the chair "is holding up great."

The Secretlab XXS is a sturdy and well-built gaming chair that's excellent for children. It isn't some cheap replica. It's genuinely a Secretlab Titan chair that's just... smaller. It's a as cute as a toy but it's built to the same standard as other Secretlab chairs, like the Titan Evo.

You can order the Secretlab XXS in three different colors and two different materials, but at the moment the black hybrid leatherette version is out of stock. The pink and blue SoftWeave Plus fabric versions are still available and on sale.

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