We're not ones to constantly publish price alterations, but we felt this to be of some significance. Amazon UK listed the HTC Windows Phone 8X for pre-order with the price tag of £531.43 (approx. $680 excluding tax) SIM Free.

It now seems the retailer has dropped its pricing to £399 (approx. $520 excluding tax), which is quite a drop considering we've not received any information from HTC regarding the Windows Phone pricing or availability.

Amazon HTC 8X Price Drop

We're still eagerly awaiting confirmation from HTC on both pricing and availability, so one should take this with a slight pinch of salt. Amazon UK expects to be able to ship the HTC 8X on November 8, 2012. The new pricing matches another UK retailer, Unlocked Mobiles, who also lists the HTC 8X for £399.

Not only that, but the 8S is set at just £224 - a bargain for a Windows Phone device, and many deal hunters agree as the smartphone is back on a popular UK deals website.

How does £399 sound for the HTC 8X? Is it a sensible prediction with the 8S sat at £224? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Amazon; thanks, Aaron, for the heads up!

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