These are the best games in the Windows 10 Store that aren't Xbox enabled

The Windows Store on Windows 10 is packed with great games for hardcore gamers and casual gamers alike. But for whatever reason it is, a lot of people tend to overlook most games that aren't Xbox enabled.

So we've decided to put together a list of our favorite games in the Windows Store that don't have those coveted Xbox achievements.

Do you want to see the best with Xbox Achievements? We have that list too!

Here are some of the best Xbox enabled Windows 10 Store games

Radiant Defense

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As someone who isn't a fan of tower defense games, Radiant Defense took me by surprise. The premise is simple, and the art style is vibrant and beautiful. The game features over 300 waves of enemies over ten different locations.

The game also features 12 different weapons with 9 of them being upgradable. The game starts off pretty easy then it gets challenging fast. So, if you're a fan of games like Plants vs. Zombies or Defense Grid this game is a must get. You can grab it from the Windows Store for free!

Radiant Defense - Windows Store - FREE (opens in new tab)

Leo's Fortune

One day Leo wakes up to see that all of his riches have been stolen and sets out on his way to recover it all. To get his riches back, he must follow a trail of gold coins through different levels and avoid the traps that have been set by the bandits.

Leo plays like most traditional platformers as he jumps his way around the level to avoid obstacles and collect loot. But what sets Leo's Fortune apart is the astounding detail put into every level as well as the music that complements the world. The only downside to Leo's Fortune is its price, but if you can overlook that you're in for a mesmerizing ride.

Leo's Fortune - Windows Store - $4.99 (opens in new tab)

Fairway Solitaire

Fairway Solitaire has been a hit since it launched back in 2007. The game creates some unique gameplay by combining Solitaire and Mahjong. It's a game that no matter how much I describe the gameplay to you, you will have to see the game for yourself to understand why this game can easily become addicting.

As someone who hates card games including poker, there's something that's strangely engrossing about the Fairway Solitaire. It's witty, easy to play and contains loads of fun. The game is free-to-play, but you can unlock all the levels for $.99

Fairway Solitaire - Windows Store - Free-to-play (opens in new tab)

Call of Duty: Heroes

Think of Call of Duty: Heroes as Activision's answer to the hit that Clash of Clans has become. The premise is the same here, take control of a small outpost and build it up to become an impenetrable base. Once you've done so, you can then take out bases of nearby enemies all while taking control of classic COD characters.

That being said, the game differs in that it uses Killstreaks that you've seen in the console games to spice up gameplay here. For example, get ten kills and it will throw you in an AC-130 and have you raining down fire from above.

The only downside to this game (especially since it's from Activision) is that it's free-to-play and features some in-game purchases that go up to $99.99. So be careful!

Call of Duty: Heroes - Windows Store - Free-to-play (opens in new tab)

Plague Inc.

In Plague Inc., you play as a pathogen that has just infected patient zero. Your job is to bring the an end to humanity as we know it. Modify your plague and allow it to mutate so that it can become the strongest strand around defying climates and stumping the best scientists around.

One neat feature with Plague Inc. is that this can all be done solo or cooperatively with a friend. The game costs $1.99 and features some in-app purchases. So what are you waiting for? Go take over the world!

Plague Inc. - Windows Store - $1.99 (opens in new tab)

The Bridge

The Bridge first made it's debut back on Xbox Live back in Spring of 2013 and was met with mixed reviews. That being said if you enjoyed the gameplay of Monument Valley this game will surely grab your attention. It brings M.C. Escher paintings to life just like Monument Valley but does it in a more dark/grim setting.

The Bridge features 48 puzzles for you to solve in a thought-provoking title that makes you manipulate gravity and explore parallel dimensions. Grab it now in the Windows Store for $6.99.

The Bridge - Windows Store - $6.99 (opens in new tab)


Machinarium is a point-and-click adventure that's as beautiful as it is compelling. You play as a small robot who has served his purpose and has been thrown out into the scrap pile. You must collect items and solve puzzles to make your way back to the city to save your girlfriend and take down the people who exiled you.

The game isn't for any noobie puzzle detective as it gets fairly hard pretty quick. However, if you're looking for something that will have you coming back for more Machinarium will pull you in.

Machinarium - Windows Store - $4.99 (opens in new tab)

Game Dev Tycoon

Ever wonder what it would be like to create your own game? Well, Game Dev Tycoon is exactly a game about that. The game is considered as a "business simulation" game and has you starting from your garage as a hobbyist game dev and making your way to the big leagues creating your own game engine.

Simulation fans will enjoy this game, as it probably the truest sim game in the Windows Store at the moment. Some may see the $7.99 price tag as a let-down but for a simulation game that can span over weeks in real-time this is definitely an affordable price. That being said, if you want to get a taste of the game, there is a free trial available.

Game Dev Tycoon - Windows Store - $7.99 (opens in new tab)

Prime World: Defenders

Prime World: Defenders is what you get when you mash a tower defense game with a collectible card game. The game follows a group of treasure hunters as they make their way through an ancient empire that will do anything to stop them in their tracks. If you're a fan of games that insist on heavy grinding this one is for you.

Your cards are where your defenses lie. Before a match starts choose your towers, spells, and traps from within your deck. Choose them carefully and use them strategically or you risk being obliterated. Prime World: Defenders is free-to-play, but you can make your way through it without purchasing in-game items.

Prime World: Defenders - Windows Store - Free-to-play (opens in new tab)

In Closing

This grouping is only a small sample of games that are available on Windows 10 today, but these are the ones that we've come to love and enjoy. That being said, we're missing some notable games from the list such as Monument Valley and Pako since they haven't been optimized for Windows 10 yet. But rest assure, as more games come to the Windows 10 store new and old, we'll add the best of the best to this list

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If you agree with the list above or just want to tip us on your favorite non-Xbox game for Windows 10 let us know in the comments below!

Jonathan Dollison
  • Microsoft should really start giving game devs tools to use Xbox Achievements.
  • That has already been covered and is coming later with Windows 10 and Xbox One.
  • No Achievements is a no play for me. I'm an achievement whore though.
  • I didn't know about some of these games. Will have to try. Plauge Inc. is a lot of fun, albeit a little bit dark subject matter. Feels odd to be rooting for the end of humanity!
  • It's addicting, though it's a little better for touch based than mouse based playing. Game Dev Tycoon is really fun, I bought it on Steam a while ago.
  • I am sad that android has plague inc. for free, while we have to pay for it and have inapp purchases :c
  • Hey iceman, get over it. No one cares what's going on with Android here. $2 it's nothing. This game is absolutely worth spending $2. If you don't have $2 you have bigger problems.
  • Andoird also has ads
  • "Feels odd to be rooting for the end of humanity!"   Spend 5 minutes on Tumblr and you won't feel odd about that anymore :P
  • I know right. I like the game though but haven't been able to win, even with bacteria. I guess I'm not very good at fully killing humanity. I recommend the game to everyone.
  • @:KMF79: I had trouble ending humanity for a while. Then I relized that the "news ticker" is your friend. It gives you hints into how to evolve your plague to avoid detection. At first I thought it was just some random news bits, but they actually help.
  • Lol, it is very dark and toward the end of the world, I am so happy... It pisses mw off when a cure ia found at the last second or some small country survives. Totally opposite of our goals in other games. I usually win with regular mode and love the challenges. I always feel bad selecting a country to already the plauge in... US is easy to kill the world off with, lol. One of my must have games on my phone, tablet, PC.. Always fun to pass time... If only the data would sync across platforms...
  • Plague works only with touch devices.
  • Not true, I played it on my PC without touch.
  • So there's something wrong. They said to me on Twitter that only touch devices works, also on the Store there's a hardware requirement for Touch. I tried with my PC and can't click almost anything with a mouse. Edit: Well, I just tried again and its working indeed. Thanks!! But that hardware requirement still appears on the Store. They should remove that!
  • To confirm, I just lauched it right now and clicked around, no time for a full game right now, but I was able to infect the first country and click the first red bubble (also everything needed to start the game) Maybe I have a set up that works (logitech G500s mouse) I hope that what ever the issue is it gets resolved for others.
  • Tank Commander 3D is one of the other great Indie games.
  • Most of these I have eyed at some point, others I have not due to the type of game. Leo is one I am interested in but, at $5, it would need Xbox live for me to pay that much for a phone game. If it was $0.99 -1.99 I might just grab it because it looks good. Plauge Inc to kill the world ? LOL, saw that and though it was a little creapy. They have been promoting this game on Windows 10 phone..
  • I usually agree with you, I want the gamerscore if Im going to play, but I tried Leos Fortune and really enjoyed it.
  • No Xbox = no play! #achievementhunterfeelings
  • Well you are holding yourself back from some great experiences
  • I have many games on Xbox and WP to play, so not at all.
  • I agree between Xbox, WP and Windows no time for anything without achievements. MY personal preference. 
  • I'm sooo feeling ^This!!!
    #achievementhunterfeelings ^^
  • #contributingtoholdingbackgamesbecauseofauselessnumber
  • They just doesn't appeal to me, I'm not telling "NOOO, keep these games away from WP cause they don't have cheevos" Xbox games were the first responsible thing in my decision to have a WP, along with loving MS \o/
  • @Marcos You don't have to apologize for playing the games that you want to play. Don't let egomaniacs like Axmantim bully you into feeling otherwise. You like Xbox games? Then you play Xbox games and enjoy them. #SaveXboxWP
  • The better way to handle that would be to instead, not download the game, and contact the dev letting them know that their game would be worth your time if achievements were added to it. Coming on the forums here and claiming that you won't even look at the game actually does have bering, since some devs actually do see this site, it's very much like pointing out how many users, in an already small user base, that they have already lost.
  • @Axmantim He's "holding back games" because he's not playing games that don't interest him but that interest you? Get off your high horse. Geezus. Are you going to compensate him an hourly wage and the costs of buying these games that he has no interest in playing just so gaming can be "advanced" (according to your interests, not his)? He's not a volunteer. If companies don't make the types of games he's interested in, he has no obligation to spend his time and money playing them, and you have no right to criticize him for that. You're being judgmental and egotistic.
  • First off, I never said he was holding anything back due to not playing games. People that jump on a forum and vocalize thier disinterest in games without achievements and blindly tell developers (who yes, actually do see comments on here) basically tell them that there is less reasons to even bother developing games for the platform. You're not saving anything by telling developers "do more work and then you can put your game on the platform for me to consider getting it" tell them after the game is on the platform, try it or don't, doens't matter, but offer feedback after it exists in the store. You're assuming I criticized someone based soleony on their interestes and you're completely off base, so you're the one being judgemental and egotistic, so get off your high horse. Oh and I have every right to criticize someone as you do for doing so to me, even though you did it based on an assumption that waws wrong.
  • "First off, I never said he was holding anything back due to not playing games" "#contributingtoholdingbackgamesbecauseofauselessnumber"   Huh?
  • I know reading is difficult for you, but read the whole comment before you try and claim I contradicted myself.
  • I read quite well thank you...
  • I have never ever cared about achievements or trophies... I just don't get it... They pop up when I play and I wish I could turn it off... I play the game cause I want to... I am not chasing some silly game just to get the trophies... To each their own though... My brother loves it... I barely have time to play the games... Let alone chasing stats. All I want on my mobile games ia cloud backup ans syncing... If not that at least the option for local backup so I can manage myself.
  • Same.
  • Word.
  • I love it, I love that its a way to be competive with my friends and family with the same games we play.
  • That's the attitude!!!
  • Doom and Destiny? Or am I mistakenly thinking it is on Win 10? ​
  • I'll have to check
  • Complements, not compliments. Come on, guys.
  • Easy tiger, 1300 words vs. one mistake. It happens. Just ask devs who fix bugs in their coding.
  • +1 It happens... Our minds read past and hear grammatical/communication mistakes daily, yet we understand exactly what was said.
  • Although we don't have people proof read our code. That would be a pretty crappy job! Haha
  • This^^^ so many times over :)
  • No comma needed...come...on.
  • Machinarium is amazing, I just wish it could sync save games between devices
  • Disney Infinity 2.0. (Free) The same exact game on consoles only with touch support. No little pad to put your figure on? Just enter the code and it'll instantly available at all times.
  • The best non-Xbox game in the Windows 10 Store is Carcassonne.
  • Machinarium
  • Good to get more exposure for the non Xbox enabled stuff. All these people who say they will only play games if they have achievements, but it's something we have no control over. If we could use achievements, we would!
  • Game Dev Tycoon is awesome game lol I only make PC exclusive games ;)
  • Microsoft should force or push game devs to use their Xbox achievements system. It's a shame that almost every game on iOS and android has their respectives social gaming features.
  • No xbox achievements - not interested - sorry  
  • Okay. Anything else you are not interested in? lol I mean, why even share this info? We give you a link to games that do have Xbox achievements.
  • So, will you not play an offline NES or PS title because of no achievements? Sad.
  • I never understand the 'retro' thing. I won't play an offline NES or PS title because I find that they suck now. My opinion, but I used to love Twisted Metal in the day. That game game is shite now. I used to like to play with G.I. Joes too but I don't any more. Just not into living in the past.
  • I feel the same way, I know that the games are well developed and are great games and fun and all that. but I take gaming seriously and I dont want to waste time playing something that doesnt feed my GS.. Its like a greedy addiction you cant help...
  • You hate poker. Nnnnnnnfffffff explodes.
  • Haha I think the idea of losing money is what keeps me away
  • I completed the desktop version of Game Dev Tycoon in two days.
  • Plague Inc. is my bae.
  • I like xbox game on windows, but it make me confused, i even don't know what game on windows and wp are same progression.