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You take your PC gaming seriously, so you invest in the best gaming mouse. But, what about a surface to use your mouse on? Believe it or not, the pad you have under your mouse can have positive and negative effects on your in-game performance. Personal tastes will vary, but if you're on the hunt for a quality pad then give one of the best gaming mouse pads on our list a go.

Gigantus Ultra

Top pick: Razer Gigantus

Staff pick

Razer's mouse pads are universally excellent, but the Gigantus is the current best of the bunch. It's a cloth pad with a slight texture designed to promote both grip and speed, and the base has a grippy rubber material to stop any slipping. The large size also makes it easier to pull off long glides without lifting the mouse, maximizing your in-game control.

$30 at Amazon
Glorious 3xl Gaming Mousepad

Best oversized: Glorious PC Gaming Race 3XL

An oversized mouse pad doesn't just give you more mouse area for gaming, but it doubles as protection for your desk as well. The Glorious 3XL is huge and will easily provide space for a full-sized keyboard with ample gaming room to spare. It's also thick, durable, and heavily rubberized on the back, as well as machine washable should you have any spills.

$55 at Amazon
Logitech G440

Best hard surface: Logitech G440

Hard surface mouse pads can be tricky, as any slight debris, dust or crumbs will cause a scraping action under your mouse. There are some great hard mouse pads though, like the G440. The surface texture is designed for speed and accuracy and the rubber base is stable and rigid. If you use a Logitech gaming mouse this is especially good as it has been matched to the sensors for extra performance.

$25 at Amazon
Steelseries Qck Mini

Best budget: SteelSeries QcK Mini

If you just want a good mouse pad for gaming but don't want anything expensive or huge then this is the one for you. It's extremely affordable and features a cloth top for both low and high DPI players. It's small, too, which makes it extra useful for folks without much desk space to spare.

$7 at Amazon
Goliathus Rgb

Best RGB: Razer Goliathus Extended Chroma

You've got RGB on every other aspect of your gaming PC so why wouldn't you go for an RGB mouse pad, too? The Goliathus Chroma is one of Razer's most popular mouse pads with a smooth cloth paired with grippy rubber for speed and control. But it's the Chroma RGB strip around the outside that stands out here and with the power of the Chroma ecosystem, your setup will definitely love this one. There's also a smaller version if you prefer.

$59 at Amazon

Range of sizes: Corsair MM200 mouse pads

Available in a range of sizes, the MM200 from well-respected Corsair packs a textile weave designed for maximum precision whether you use an optical or a laser gaming mouse. Throw in the no-slip base and you've got a well-made, comfortable gaming surface that'll keep you accurate when you need it the most. It's also available in a range of sizes to suit your gaming space.

From $10 at Amazon

Getting the best gaming mouse pad

No one mouse pad is the best for all PC gamers, but making sure you're happy and comfortable is crucial if you're going to have the best time gaming. Cloth is the more common type of mouse pad for good reason, but there are also some good hard finishes out there as well.

It's a good idea to get the biggest one you can fit into your space, especially if you play games like shooters where long, sweeping mouse movements are commonplace. Not having to lift your mouse as often will improve your aim and control and you'll be overall more comfortable.

It can also be a nice bit of protection for your desk. If you often eat or drink a beverage while gaming, a large mouse pad is a handy barrier against spills!

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