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The convenience that comes with organized office spaces is immeasurable, and a printer cart will give you that. It's a convenient place to hold your printer and store all your printer accessories. As you select one, your choice will depend on your printer's weight, how much storage space you need, aesthetics, among other things. We've put together a list of the best printer carts and stands you can opt for, but the DEVAISE Adjustable Printer Stand is our best pick. This printer cart comes with plenty of storage, swivel casters with brakes for mobile convenience, and it supports up to 80 pounds making it an excellent choice for any office space.

Best Overall: DEVAISE Adjustable Printer Stand

The DEVAISE Adjustable Printer Stand redefines convenience. This stand will not only give your printer a convenient home but also provide ample storage space for office supplies and printing accessories. It's also fitted with four-wheel casters so you can effortlessly move the stand around and it has brakes for extra stability. It is all wood, and the surface is coated with melamine veneer making it easy to clean. Plus, the surface is anti-scratch and water-resistant.

This printer stand has plenty of storage space: two shelves with a door, an adjustable shelf, and one open space. That's sufficient room to hold printing papers, ink, and toners. The maximum weight supported by the desk is 80 pounds (40 kilograms). The DEVAISE adjustable stand is the perfect go-to for any office space.


  • Adequate storage space
  • Ideal for use in both home and commercial offices
  • Rolling wheels with brakes and lock
  • Coated with melamine veneer for durability


  • Assemble instructions not quite clear

Best Overall

DEVAISE Adjustable Printer Stand

Mobile convinience

The DEVAISE Adjustable Printer Stand offers you mobile office convenience and enough storage space for your printer accessories.

Runner Up: Tribesigns Mobile Printer Stand

The Tribesigns Mobile Printer Stand is a blend of quality and convenience. Made with a metallic frame a particleboard shelf and drawer, this stand can hold up to 250 pounds. The top drawer and bottom shelf are spacious enough to keep paper reams, ink cartridges, and files well organized and within reach. This stand comes with four silent rolling wheels for easy movement and brakes for stability.

Additionally, you can use the printer cart as a regular bedside stand, kitchen trolley, or a bookshelf. It has a beautiful mahogany-brown finish that blends well with most office furniture and home decor. Unfortunately, it doesn't have as many storage shelves, which makes it our runner up. If you don't need as much space, this may be the best fit for your space.


  • Built with a steel frame to support heavy printers
  • Beautiful brown finish
  • Very sturdy with silent rolling wheels


  • Fewer storage shelves

Runner Up

Tribesigns Mobile Printer Stand

Sturdy and durable

The Tribesigns Printer stand is quite strong and will keep all your printer accessories in an open view and within reach.

Best Under-desk: Safco Under Desk Printer Stand

Good things come in small packages! The Safco Under Desk Cart is a little sturdy printer cart and can comfortably support a large printer. This mini piece fits well under most work desks, especially if you have limited floor space. The stand has a steel frame making it very sturdy. It also has a small physique, but it can support up to 100 pounds; 50 pounds on each shelf.

The Safaco Printer Stand is fitted with four rolling casters, two with lockable brakes. The stand will smoothly glide in and out from beneath your desk, and the brakes will keep it steady. This is a good choice if you want your printer off your desk and out of your way.


  • Tiny and sturdy
  • Quality metal build
  • Smooth glide


  • Minimal storage space

Best Under-desk

Safco Under Desk Printer Stand

Short and sturdy

The Safco Under Desk Printer Stand is short and very study. It will smoothly glide in and out of sight in a trice

Best Classic Stand: Winsome Wood Office Stand

The Winsome Wood Office Stand is a high printer table. It is perfect for a minimalist who wants to keep the office functional and straightforward. This stand has long slim legs giving it a very casual but classic look. If you do not need extra storage space in your office, this is a good pick. It has a small drawer under the top level and a lower level that can hold a few ink cartridges and packs of copy paper.

Since the stand doesn't come with rolling wheels, it is ideal for printers that require minimal movement. Plus, it is pretty sturdy option. The lower level has a 5-inch floor clearance, making it easy to clean underneath. Also, the stand has a beautiful warm honey finish that will effortlessly blend with your office furniture.


  • Simple and elegant
  • Has good stability
  • Ideal for both home and office use
  • Build from composite wood for strength and durability


  • Minimal storage space
  • No wheels

Best Classic Stand

Winsome Wood Office Stand

Tall and sturdy

This classic and straightforward printer stand will hold your printer at an ideal height while blending in perfectly with your office decor.

Best Desktop Stand: FITUEYES Wood Printer Stand

The FITUEYES Wood Printer Stand is a strong and stable desk organizer. You can set it on your current work desk, especially if your desk is big enough, and then set your printer or scanner at the top. It's perfect for anyone who wants to utilize as much of their desk space as possible. It comes with three storage shelves to hold your printing accessories and other office supplies within a comfortable reach.

Unlike stands with wheels, the FITUEYES has rubber feet that give it good on-desk stability while protecting your current desk from damage. It is quite strong and can hold 33, 11, and 20 pounds on the bottom, middle, and top shelves respectively.


  • Good desk organizer
  • Perfect for home, school or office use
  • Rubber feet for stability


  • Not ideal for mobility
  • Takes up desk space

Best Desktop Stand

The FITUEYES Wood Printer Stand

Simple and stable

The FITUEYES Wood Printer Stand is a multipurpose desktop stand. Elevate your printer and keep your office desk organized.

Best Cabinet Stand: South Shore Door Printer Stand

Do you love an office space with all your stationery and accessories stashed away? Are you an organization freak? There is no doubt that well-organized spaces create order and excellent workflow. The South Shore Printer Cabinet Stand is ideal for organization. This stand has adequate storage shelves complete with doors. Once you set up your printer, you can neatly put away all other accessories in the cabinets, leaving you with a clutter-free work station.

The stand has a large top drawer, an open level, and two shelves complete with doors. That is enough storage space for your office supplies and even a little bookshelf. Also, the stand has rolling wheels for smooth movement and brakes for stability. The desk comes in various shades to suit your office decor needs.


  • Adequate storage space
  • Built with quality material
  • Easy to assemble
  • Swivel casters with brakes


  • No assembling tools

Best Cabinet Stand

South Shore Door Printer Stand

Storage convinience

The South Shore Door Printer Stand is both a home to your printer and provides storage for printing accessories keeping your office neat.

Bottom line

Printer carts and stands are versatile office furniture. Their use is not limited to holding printers. They can act as storage for office stationery, bookshelves, microwave carts or stands, hold scanners, or even make a great computer stand. By organizing office stationery and supplies within a comfortable reach and view, you can easily know what needs restocking or replacing.

Taking all the requirements into account, the DEVAISE Adjustable Printer Stand is our top pick. The stand has it all: adjustable shelves, build from quality material, adequate storage spaces, rolling wheels with brakes, and different color finishes to choose from. Grab the DEVAISE stand or one of the other stands and transform both your workspace.

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