Eero router kit

We've all figured out that the best way to bring fast and consistent Wi-Fi to an entire home is to get a mesh Wi-Fi system. The only problem is the price of mesh Wi-Fi systems. You're buying multiple routers, and they all have advanced hardware inside to make the whole system work properly, and that makes the whole setup expensive. Things get even more out of hand if you have a large home or difficult floor plan that requires even more units.

These Prime Day mesh router deals will stretch your Wi-Fi and not your budget

Wi-Fi for your whole home

Eero Home WiFi System

Bring great Wi-Fi coverage to more parts of your home.

Eero is one of the simplest ways to get your entire house covered with strong Wi-Fi. It's truly plug-and-play, with no additional setup — and you can monitor everything happening through the great Eero app.

During Prime Day, you can have the best of both worlds by picking up an Eero Home Wi-Fi System for half price. The base model Eero setup consisting of a main Pro unit and one smaller Beacon is just $150 now, down from $300. To step up your game with more coverage, get the mid-tier Eero setup with one Pro unit and two Beacons for $200, down from $400. A full-out three Eero Pro setup is $300, down from $500.

At these prices there's no reason to buy a regular router.

Unlike old styles of Wi-Fi repeaters and clunky multiple router setups, mesh Wi-Fi systems like Eero are completely hands-off. You just plug them in, and they figure it all out — the Wi-Fi overlaps and gets spread throughout your house, and devices attach to whichever router is best at the moment. Eero is just plug-and-play, and you can add in additonal Pros or Beacons as your needs change with no extra configuration.

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We've seen Eero discounts before, but they're usually less than $100 off — we've never seen anything as big as 50% off. You're right to be skeptical of the value of a mesh Wi-Fi system when it requires a layout of $300 or more to get started, but at these prices you can easily justify picking up an Eero over a standard single router.

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