Slash gaming load times with Samsung's FASTEST SSD, now available at a jaw-dropping 55% discount

Solid-state drives (SSDs) are a must-have component when it comes to building or purchasing computers or laptops. They take up little space in your PC, store terabytes of valuable data, help run your PC faster, and usually outperform mechanical Hard-disk drives (HDDs).

The Samsung 990 Pro, in particular, is one of the finest examples of high-end SSDs on the market and it can be yours right now for an absurdly reduced price of $69.99 thanks to Amazon Prime Day.

Samsung 990 Pro (1TB) | was $169.99 now $69.99 at Amazon

Samsung 990 Pro (1TB) | was $169.99 now $69.99 at Amazon

Upgrade your computer to perform at chart-topping speeds and store all your files for gaming, art, research, and more in one convenient place with the Samsung 990 Pro SSD. 

Price check: $69.99 (was $118.49) at Walmart | $69.99 (was $129.99) at Best Buy

Pros: Insanely high-performance speeds and features 1TB of storage space.
Cons: There's no support for PCIe Gen 5.

What makes the Samsung 990 Pro special? To quote our reviewed the Samsung 990 Pro review, its "the world's fastest PCIe Gen 4 drive with solid thermal management and plenty of storage configurations that will satiate the demand of hard-core gamers, data scientists, video and 3D artists, and creative professionals."

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For a more thorough breakdown, the Samsung 990 Pro features a ton of beneficial traits for your PC. The base version can store up to 1TB of data storage (there are also variants that can store 2TB or 4TB.

Its Gen 4 technology allows it to perform at Seq read speeds of 7,465 MB/s and Seq write speeds of 6,850 MB/s. This means that the Samsung 990 Pro is capable of loading or transferring large files super quickly and reducing loading times on graphically intense PC games immensely. 

For example, in our review, we tested the Samsung 990 Pro on some PC games like No Man's Sky and God of War and were able to shave at least 7 seconds off those games' loading times on a PC which included a 12th Gen Intel Core i9 and an Nvidia RTX 3090 Ti GPU.

Why we like this deal

The Samsung 990 Pro is usually sold at a retail price of $169.99. This is surprisingly generous as you would expect the speeds this device can make your PC perform at would increase the price of the SSD to at least over $200. And that price has gotten even more inexpensive thanks to Prime Day as the Samsung Pro 990 is currently being sold on Amazon for $69.99.

That is an insane deal if I have ever seen one for a high-grade SSD. So, if you're on the lookout for one of the best SSDs on the market that can help your PC decrease the load times of the best PC games.

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