The coolest Xbox you can get is on sale — go quick for the best price on double storage for your games

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Someone needs to tell Dell that World Goth Day was yesterday, or maybe not — and grab this amazing deal on the Xbox Series S Carbon Black 1TB for $299.99 today.

That's a cool $50 off the newest Xbox you can get. The sleek and portable Xbox Series S now comes in black and with double the storage of the white model. Yes the MSRP of the white Xbox Series S is $299, and you can now get the Black for exactly the same price AND have enough room to actually download more than five games. Also PSA for American Express Card users: you may be able to get $50 cashback too from your card, so check your AMEX app.

Xbox Series S 1TB Carbon Black |was $349.99now $299.99 at Dell

Xbox Series S 1TB Carbon Black | was $349.99 now $299.99 at Dell

A normal Xbox Series S offers 512GB of storage for $300. This sale means getting twice as much storage for the same price. This is the most balanced way to get into the current-generation Xbox ecosystem, perfect for newcomers.

Perfect for: You want to play current-generation Xbox titles with 1TB of internal storage while still saving some money.

Avoid it if: You prefer physical media, as this doesn't have a disc drive.

💰Price check: $349.99 at Best Buy

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Why grab an Xbox Series S 1TB model?

Same power, more space. (Image credit: Microsoft)

As noted in my Xbox Series S review, the smaller Xbox console is the best choice for gamers on a budget who still want to experience current and upcoming titles like s like Alan Wake 2, Baldur's Gate 3, and Starfield, and don't mind the trade off in graphical fidelity. As someone who primarily plays on an Xbox Series S, and also has an X in the home, the difference is minimal. One primary bugbear of mine is the storage capacity of the Xbox Series S, which up until recently only had 500GB SSD. Meaning I've had to also purchase extra memory. 500GB gets used up fast with modern games, and it's an endless juggle of what to install and what to delete with the original model.

With the Xbox Series S Carbon Black, you're getting everything the S has to offer for current-generation gaming AND a substantial amount of storage because it comes with 1TB as standard. Not only that, but the Black may appeal more to people who like their electronics to match. Who doesn't prefer their gaming hardware a little goth?

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