Amazon Prime Video Channels are one of the best-kept secrets Amazon has. First, you'll need an Amazon Prime subscription. Chances are you already have that — and it's what gets you into Amazon Prime Video. But Amazon Prime Video Channels opens up a whole new world, with subscriptions to more channels than we could possibly list here.

But what we will list here are the channels that you can get on the cheap or Amazon Prime Day. You'll get a discount for the first three months, which should be plenty of time to check things out and kick the tires a little. But if you're anything like us, you'll quickly fall in love with all the great content, billed right to your Amazon account.

It's really that simple. Just note that all prices listed here are for the three-month promotional period, and you'll need to be a new subscriber to the channel. After that? You can watch on any device that has access to Amazon Prime Video.

So let's get to it. These are all the Amazon Prime Video Channels you can get discounted on Prime Day!

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Amazon Prime Day 2020


Cartoons!: Boomerang

Cartoons. More cartoons than you possibly have time to watch. But maybe that doesn't matter because with Boomerang it's Saturday morning every single day.

$2.49 a month

All things England: Britbox

If there's one British import we love to see on Prime Day, it's Britbox. Get a discount on all your favorite UK series, including Doctor Who, Coronation Street, Antiques Roadshow and more!

$3.49 a month
CBS All Access

CBS exclusives: CBS All Access

In addition to the full CBS back catalog, you'll get great streaming exclusives like Star Trek: Discovery and The Twilight Zone, and the upcoming Star Trek: Picard. This deal is good for the limited-commercials plan.

$2.99 a month
LIfetime Movie Club

Total drama: Lifetime Movie Club

Get your cry on

Who doesn't love a little time with an overly dramatic movie of the week? Lifetime Movie Club satisfies that guilty pleasure.

$1.99 a month
Motortrend On Demand

Fast and dirty: Motortrend On Demand

Burn rubber with this channel

Gearheads of all ages will find something to love on Motortrend On Demand, with some of your favorite shows and garages. You can almost smell the rubber burning.

$2.49 a month
MTV Hits

Old-school: MTV Hits

The best of the worst

Some of your favorite old-school shows, like Beavis and Butt-head, The Hills, Jersey Shore and so many more. Go ahead and watch. We won't judge. (Too much.)

$2.99 a month
Nick Hits

You know, for kids!: Nick Hits

Best of the Nick

Nickelodeon long has some of the best kids shows out there, and this channel brings them all under one roof — like iCarly, Zoey 101, Spongebob Squarepants and more!

$3.99 a month

Younger kids: Noggin

For the kindergarten crowd

Speaking of great kids shows, Noggin is geared toward the younger generations, with classics like Dora the Explorer, Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol and Blues Clues

$3.99 a month
PBS Kids

Even more kids: PBS Kids

For the pre-schoolers

Breaking things down for kids, even more, PBS Kids has some of the best elementary-age content you can find, with Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, Dinosaur Train, Odd Squad and more!

$2.49 a month
PBS Living

Feel at home: PBS Living

Make yourself at home

Where else can you find The Great British Baking Show, Julia Child and America's Test Kitchen? Right here on PBS Living, of course.

$1.99 a month
PBS Masterpiece

Proper drama: PBS Masterpiece

And maybe put on the tea kettle

Some call it snooty — we call it some of the best Sunday-night content around, any night of the week. Come for Les Misérables, stay for Inspector Lewis.

$2.99 a month

Premium shows: Showtime

You can't look away

With some of the best movies and series around — like Billions and Shameless — Showtime is a must-have for any premium channel lover.

$5.49 a month

The horror: Shudder

Be afraid — be very afraid

If you're a fan of all things scary, you need to check out Shudder. Some of the best from the horror genre from across the decades — as well as the best new things that go bump in the night.

$2.49 a month

Aim for 'em: STARZ

So much great stuff

STARZ gets short shrift, and it shouldn't. With shows like American Gods and The Rook — plus more movies than you can count — it's worth a discounted look.

$4.49 a month
Sundance Now

Go indy: Sundance Now

Don't miss it!

Independent shows and movies that you might have missed — but will be glad that you saw. And with this channel, you can watch what you want, when you want to view it.

$3.49 a month

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