This discounted ASUS B660 motherboard is a great budget buy for 12th Gen Intel CPUs

Intel 12th Gen Core i9
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There are a few new chipsets from Intel that work with Alder Lake 12th Gen processors like the excellent Intel Core i5-12600K and Intel Core i9-12900K. The B660 is the mid-range chipset coming in behind the flagship Z690. You will lose a few features when moving down to more affordable motherboards such as the ASUS Prime B660M-A, but it's where all the good deals are!

This motherboard supports 12th Gen CPUs, can even handle a Core i9-12900K, and costs just $160. For Amazon Prime Day, you can pay just $144, and you've got yourself a stable foundation for a decent PC build.

This B660 motherboard deal is great for a new PC

ASUS Prime B660M-A WiFi $160 $144

ASUS Prime B660M-A WiFi | $160 $144

When you're not too fussed about the latest PCIe 5.0 and DDR5 and just want a decently priced motherboard that will work well with 12th Gen Intel, the ASUS Prime B660M-A WiFi ticks all the boxes.

The ASUS Prime B660M-A WiFi has plenty going for it. Even though this is a more affordable mid-range board, you've got support for PCIe 4.0 and DDR4 RAM. There's onboard Intel Wi-Fi 6, as well as two M.2 slots for speedy NVMe SSDs. The 1Gb LAN connection is solid for wired links and there's plenty of good I/O for hooking everything up to your PC. 

Not bad for a motherboard that costs $160 without a discount. Amazon Prime Day simply makes this deal much sweeter. 

Stay tuned to Windows Central for the next few days as we're rounding up all the best Prime Day PC deals if you're looking to upgrade an existing rig or build a new PC from scratch.

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