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Best Prime Day NAS deals 2022

Synology DiskStation DS220+
Synology DiskStation DS220+ (Image credit: Rich Edmonds / Windows Central)

Getting yourself set up with network-attached storage (NAS) doesn't have to be difficult or expensive, especially with Prime Day. There are some fantastic deals that can be found during Prime Day for not only enclosures, but storage drives too. The promotion will run from July 12 through July 13.

Using the best NAS can make it easier when it comes to making backups and organizing your data. With a NAS enclosure and some hard drives, you can ensure all of your media and data are stored in a secure way that's accessible to your entire home or small business.

But which Prime Day NAS deal should you go for? Which should you avoid? There are a ton of options out there, and many of them will be discounted for Amazon's annual sale. We've rounded up our favorite Prime Day NAS deals below and categorized them to help you get the right setup for your needs. 

We'll keep this page updated with more deals as we find them.

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Best NAS deals for home

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TerraMaster F2-210 | $160 $128 (opens in new tab)

The TerraMaster F2-210 is a brilliant little affordable NAS. While not the most powerful kid on the block, rocking an ARM CPU and 1GB of non-upgradable RAM, it's a great choice for a starter enclosure.

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TerraMaster F4-210 | $290 $232 (opens in new tab)

Like the F2-210 deal but need an additional two drive bays? That's where the F4-210 comes into play. Same specs (aside from 2GB of RAM), more bays, and a slightly larger enclosure.

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TerraMaster F2-221 | $260 $208 (opens in new tab)

Looking for a solid deal on an Intel-powered two-bay NAS? Look no further than the TerraMaster F2-221 with similar specs to the DiskStation DS220+ from Synology, but with a slightly more attractive price tag.

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Synology DiskStation DS220+ | $300 $246 (opens in new tab)

The Synology DiskStation DS220+ is one of our favorite NAS enclosures, largely thanks to the two drive bays, upgradable RAM, and Intel processor. It's good for running Plex too!

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QNAP TS-253D | $349 $249 (opens in new tab)

Inside the QNAP TS-253D, you'll find a potent Intel processor, as well as enough RAM and drive bays to run a small Plex Media Server. So long as you won't have more than 20TB of media to stream for some time, this is a great starter NAS.

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TerraMaster F2-422 | $380 $299 (opens in new tab)

Having just two drive bays may seem like a limitation for those with lots of data to store, if you're looking for your very first NAS, the TerraMaster F2-422 is a good one to start with.

The best NAS deals for Prime Day on home servers are generally some of the most affordable NAS deals you can buy, period. The more budget-friendly enclosures aren't anything special but do allow you to configure everything to your liking and have a NAS up and running. More pricey NAS options here come rocking faster processors, more RAM, and drive bays.

Best NAS deal for Plex

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Synology DiskStation DS920+ | $550 $450 (opens in new tab)

The Synology DiskStation DS920+ is essentially the DS220+ but with a better processor, more RAM, M.2 slots, and two more drive bays. It's amazing for running Plex.

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TerraMaster F4-421 | $470 $376 (opens in new tab)

This four-bay NAS from TerraMaster is quite the capable enclosure. There are four drive bays, an Intel processor, upgradable RAM, and dual 1Gb networking.

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TerraMaster F5-221 | $380 $304 (opens in new tab)

The TerraMaster F5-221 is a very capable NAS with plenty of internal storage capacity support. Five bays allows for large media collections to be stored and streamed, thanks to the 2GB of expandable RAM and Intel CPU.

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TerraMaster F5-422 | $600 $480 (opens in new tab)

The TerraMaster F5-422 has the same number of drive bays as the F5-221, but that's where the similarities end as this has an uprated Intel CPU, more RAM, and 10Gb networking support.

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TerraMaster F8-422 | $1,300 $1,040 (opens in new tab)

If you need to store lots of data or perhaps you primarily view 4K movies, you'll want to consider a NAS like the TerraMaster F8-422. It has eight drive bays, plenty of RAM, and a fast enough Intel CPU.

Choosing the best NAS for Plex is a little more tricky since the processor becomes a vastly more important, if not the most important, deciding factor. If you plan on storing and streaming 4K content, you'll need to make sure your recipient devices (TV, consoles, PCs, etc.) support the same format your media is saved in. If not, the NAS will need to transcode it, which requires considerable performance. This NAS will be able to handle 4K transcoding.

Best Prime Day NAS deals on drives

You could install some old desktop-class hard drives inside a NAS enclosure and call it a day, but that wouldn't work well. Hard drives used in desktop PCs simply aren't designed to run continuously and be hammered by countless users. It could work, but you'll likely run into reliability issues.

Hard drives designed specifically for NAS come rocking some advanced features, which is reflected in the price. These drives come with advanced features like vibration protection and better components that can withstand lots of data being read and written. 

Since it's Prime Day, you can find some of these drives on sale right now. The same goes for 2.5-inch SSDs, which can also be used inside NAS enclosures. Then you've got NVMe SSDs for M.2 slots, which can be utilized for caching (or expanding storage space on select enclosures).

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Seagate IronWolf 4TB | $111 $83 (opens in new tab)

If you don't require all the advanced features offered by the Seagate IronWolf Pro range of NAS drives, the normal IronWolf series will be just what you need. This 4TB drive is just $83.

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Seagate IronWolf Pro 14TB | $490 $300 (opens in new tab)

Seagate IronWolf is one of our favorite range of NAS drives, rocking slightly slower 5600RPM motors, but comes with 256MB of cache and is rated to run continuously. They're also pretty affordable with this massive 14TB capacity drive coming in at $300

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Seagate IronWolf Pro 16TB | $578 $300 (opens in new tab)

Okay, this is the big one. Well, one of the big ones. Seagate makes some hefty HDDs and this 16TB IronWolf drive is perfect for NAS enclosures. It's discounted by a huge 

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Western Digital Black SN850 1TB | $230 $110 (opens in new tab)

While not strictly designed for NAS use, you can get away with using this drive inside an enclosure for expanding the storage pool or for enabling SSD caching. The 1TB model is going for $135.

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Western Digital Red Plus 8TB | $250 $131 (opens in new tab)

Western Digital's Red Plus 8TB is a great drive for storing large amounts of data on your NAS. It's not the fastest HDD for NAS on the block, but this mechanical storage medium will serve you well.

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Toshiba N300 PRO 6TB | $190 $161 (opens in new tab)

I bet you didn't know Toshiba made NAS drives? This is one capable 6TB HDD with a 7200rpm motor, solid internal components, and high workload support. 

Why should I buy a Prime Day NAS deal?

Network-attached storage allows you to do some incredible things at home and in the office. Whether you plan on creating and running a media server using Plex Media Server or managing a file storage solution, a NAS enclosure is precisely what you require.

There are so many models to choose from, and multiple vendors offer similar enclosures at varying price points. This does mean you can score some deals on new enclosures, especially with Prime Day NAS deals offering all-time low prices. We're here to help you make the right decision and save some money in the process.

Choosing the best NAS involves a few factors, namely price, processor, and the number of drive bays. The better the processor, the more drive bays available, and advanced features like 10Gb networking can inflate prices quickly. Whatever you happen to be looking for in a NAS, we've rounded up some of the best Prime Day NAS deals available on offer right now.

Getting the best Prime Day NAS deal for you

Scoring the best deal is one thing, but getting the right deal for you is incredibly important. We want you to spend your money wisely. There's no point buying a NAS that won't be able to do what you need it to, just because it's the enclosure with the steepest price drop. This is why we recommend NAS enclosures based on specs and then price.

It's important to decide what you want to use the NAS enclosure for. Once you've got that sorted, price is then a factor to consider, allowing you to stick to a limit. If you're not comfortable paying out for a more expensive NAS at full price, there's no reason why you should pay a similar amount for one that's discounted.

NAS enclosures are usually priced well, depending on the processor, drive bays, and other specifications. But when we're enjoying big events like Black Friday or Amazon Prime Day, retailers will use all kinds of tactics to make you think a deal is better than it is. Be wary of prices that are inflated to appear like deals.