Today Amazon is offering a number of popular digital magazine subscriptions for as low as $3.75. There are more than 25 subscriptions to choose from, including titles you'll certainly know and have probably read before.

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Digital magazine subscriptions

Sometimes it's nice to kick back and relax with a good magazine. With these discounted subscriptions, you'll never be without some new reading material.

From $4

Magazines are great to have around as they provide a dedicated reading experience rather than just perusing social media or watching endless Netflix. The downside of magazines is storing them. With a digital subscription, you can get all the benefits of your favorite magazines without having to lug around stacks of paper copies on your next trip. Instead, load 'em up in your Kindle, Fire tablet, or Kindle app on your mobile devices.

Some great options include:

These magazines will be set to auto-renew, but you can cancel that easily in your subscription manager to avoid being charged again.

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