You know, one of the perks they never tell you about in boot camp is that as a veteran you're guaranteed to eat free at least twice a year since so many restaurants give out meals on Memorial Day and Veterans Day. As a Navy veteran who enjoys a good hamburger, I respect these days. What Amazon is doing is a huge step up, though. In honor of Veterans Day, all veterans and active duty members can get a whole year of Amazon Prime for just $79. That's $40 off the regular price.

The deal goes through Veterans Day, Nov. 11, and applies to all U.S. active duty military, National Guard, Reserve personnel, and veterans of all the above. It's good for new or existing members. If you already have Prime, signing up for this promo will just add that time onto your existing membership. The deal won't work if you're already using a discounted Prime account like Prime Student.

Deal of the Day

Amazon Prime for Veterans and Active Duty

Whether you are new to Prime or a veteran of the service, as long as you can prove your eligibility in the armed forces, you can get a year of Prime for $79. I think this is one of the best Prime deals ever.

This is a big deal partly because I don't think Amazon has ever offered a Veterans Day promo before but also because Amazon just never discounts Prime at all. Not really. Amazon prefers to just add new benefits, like making Amazon Fresh free, as a way to entice people to sign up.

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It also comes at the perfect time because Amazon is already starting to ramp up for the holidays with new and improved shipping methods that both guarantee you get your packages and hide gifts from the family snoopers.

Of course, there are a dozen other benefits to being a Prime member in addition to the free one and two day shipping and free grocery delivery. You can access Amazon's streaming service Prime Video and watch originals like Jack Ryan or Carnival Row. You can also get exclusive deals not available to non-members, free books through Amazon First Reads, and more. Plus, this just gets you ready for all the amazing deals that we're sure to see during Black Friday.

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