It's not required to invest vast amounts of money to enjoy a solid typing and PC gaming experience. There are a selection of mechanical keyboards on sale at the likes of Amazon that won't decimate your remaining bank balance. Better yet, our picks in this round-up use Cherry MX or equivalent switches, so you know you're going to enjoy a quality typing experience, regardless of the price.

Best mechanical keyboards for gaming on Windows 10

So why would you spend more on a mechanical keyboard? The price is usually inflated due to brands, demand and extra features. The latter can be anything from RGB LED lighting that enables you to alter the ambience of your room to match your PC to macro keys that can be configured to achieve various functions with little effort on your part. If you simply want a decent keyboard with solid switches, these affordable options will do just fine.

Razer Blackwidow Tournament Edition

Razer Blackwidow

Razer is considered by many of its fans to be one of the best options for mechanical keyboards. But just because it's a big brand that can be expensive, it doesn't mean you absolutely have to spend a fortune when it comes to picking up a basic entry into clicky keys. Cue the Blackwidow Tournament Edition.

Priced at $77.49, the keyboard is slightly more pricey than other options on our list, but you're investing in one of the most popular mechanical keyboard ranges in the market. The Blackwidow has been the trusty companion for gamers and the tournament edition slices off any optional extras for a capable input machine that's super portable.

There are other configurations of the Blackwidow Tournament, including full size (with number pad) and backlighting, but you'll need to shell out more cash for these variants.

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AULA Mechanical Keyboard

AULA Keyboard

The AULA Mechanical keyboard sports Blue Cherry MX switches that are ideal for typing and those long gaming sessions. It's an affordable, no-frills option too — for $59.98 you're getting solid switches without macro keys, backlighting and other optional features. Some consider said extras mandatory when looking at keyboards, but if you're not fussed you can certainly save some money here.

But that's not to say this particular model doesn't have a few tricks up its sleeve. The molded keycaps are double-shot injected with 100% anti-ghosting so you can sit on the keyboard and have each and every key press should register just fine. (We don't recommend you do this.) There's even a gold-plated USB connector.

The AULA Mechanical Keyboard offering also comes in white with RGB lighting, though you'll need to shell out $65.95 for that model.

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MechanicalEagle Z-77

MechanicalEagle Z-77

The MechanicalEagle Z-77 is another compact option for those looking to save money on peripherals. An added bonus of this $39.95 keyboard is that the company has thrown backlit keys into the mix, along with Outemu Blue switches that are similar to Cherry MX offerings.

There's full anti-ghosting support and the usual function keys, though like other options in this price range you'll not be able to take advantage of macro keys. You can pick up the Z-77 in black or white, both look rather futuristic by being flush with the backplate to offer increased amounts of ambient lighting.

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GEEZER Mechanical Keyboard

GEEZER Keyboard

The GEEZER Mechanical Keyboard is yet another listing that uses Cherry MX alternatives, but offers a full sized-layout with number pad to boot. Better yet, for the $59.99 price tag, you're looking at backlighting with multiple modes, usual anti-ghosting, and even a Windows key lock to prevent you from inadvertently minimizing the game.

When looking at entry-level mechanical keyboards, this is a highly rated one that will prove useful in upgrading from membrane models. For the time being, the GEEZER mechanical keyboard is just $59.99, saving $40 on the original listing price.

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VICTSING Mechanical Keyboard


This VICTSING keyboard uses Cherry MX Blue Switch "Switch Master" clones and is a super affordable option for those who don't wish to mess around with lighting, macro keys and other nonsense. At $38.99, this compact mechanical keyboard is ideal for typists and gamers who enjoy a more audible typing experience.

As one would expect from our round-up the keyboard features full anti-ghosting across all keys, but as an added bonus it's water resistant with three drain holes just in case you happen to knock over a can of energy drink in the midst of your gaming.

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Have a mechanical keyboard in mind that didn't make our list? Sound off with your affordable options in the comments!