Tip: Grab four months of Xbox LIVE and 400 Microsoft points for $15 (US Only)



Best Buy is having a special sale and if you are an Xbox 360 gamer in the United States, you won't want to miss out. The electronics giant has a special deal that includes four months of Xbox LIVE gold membership and 400 free Microsoft points for only $14.99.

It should be noted that you will have to pick the Xbox LIVE Gold card up in store - there is no option to ship the product directly to you. In addition, the 400 Microsoft points will be emailed directly to you as a digital download. Normal price of this offer is $30 so this is your chance to save 50%.

If the Xbox 360 isn't currently your niche, then check out our recent coverage of the Xbox One event and maybe that will spark your interest in gaming.

You can find the Best Buy deal by clicking here.

What games are you currently playing on your Xbox 360? Are you already a LIVE Gold member?


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Tip: Grab four months of Xbox LIVE and 400 Microsoft points for $15 (US Only)


Can you please point to the section of my post that says that this is a bad deal? I said not that good but I did have a bit of an overlook in my calculation.
I do have to own to the fact that I thought each card was 3 months, not 4, and that is my fault because even though the title says in big letters 4 months I saw the 3 in the card (yes, I know the card says +1, misssed that) and made the calculation with 3 months instead of 4. And even with my bad calculation it turns out to be about equivalent considering at Best Buy you have to pay taxes.

Nope, there were actually no taxes on the order. Not sure why. But many of the places you would order Gold deals from online also have taxes now as well (buy.com, amazon.com (many states), etc). Except for newegg, They rock)

No Tax? Sold!
Amazon doesn't charge me taxes. They only charge taxes if you are shipping to a location where they have a warehouse because they have to. Same deal with Newegg  (or any other retailer) they would charge you tax if you are shippping to a location where they have warehouses.
Edit: by location I mean state.

No limits on the number you order, btw. You can only order one at a time, but nothing is stopping you from ordering another... and another, and another, etc. I talked with a few people at Best Buy when picking up the one I ordered and they said this should be fine. Just come in with all your order numbers and you'll be good :)

Figured as much before you replied and ordered 6 hehehe... Went from "not that good a deal" to getting 6... Damn you Michael Archambault and Mysctictrust. :P
The 6 codes for the 400 points already arrived and supposedly the order weill be ready to pick up today.
And now that we talk about taxes I seem to remember ordering a couple of xbox live cards from Best Buy (in person) a few years ago and not getting charged taxes either... So maybe it is that they are not supposed to charge taxes on xbox live cards.

To reply to Michael about what we have been playing lately... I have spent about 360 hours on Skyrim... Have been playing NCAA Football 13 and have been thinking about going back to finish the disappointment that is Dragon Age 2; although after Skyrim I don't know if I can handle it.

It's a little mess... I ask this to MS and this is what happens: You can buy Microsoft Points and add it to your account to buy Music, Videos and acessories for you avatar, but only on the Xbox Music app for Windows 8, not on Windows Phone. I didn't try adding the code of the gift card in Wallet app on WP, but the points that already are in your account, WP don't recognize it. Just apps that you can't buy with points in any way (just money/credit card). I hope MS make it work with 8.1 because I hate to know that I have points and can only use it on pc knowing too that the service is the same. :(

That sounds so stupid I lost brain cells reading it it's like common sense is no longer common at Microsoft

You can't use points however you can use MS gift cards (basically like iTunes cards) and apply to your account, which you can then use for store app purchases via wallet and choosing Microsoft Account. But I can't seem to buy music this way.

I just bought a music on the Xbox Music using Microsoft Points. And even the music that I've already bought, I can't download on my Windows Phone (I have to connect the phone on the computer to sync). This is a mess by now and, as I said, I hope that Microsoft fix it soon or change everything to make things work together.

The day they are tied together is the day id start using it I have no problem paying extra for it but not having a package option is ridiculous it's like Microsoft is offering Xbox music as an afterthought

I was about to jump on this but considering 1 year of xbox live can be bought every now and then for $35 and that 1600 points cost $20 this doesn't seem that good a deal to me.

Edit: actually it is better than I thought considering I thought each card was for three months because apparently I can't read today.

Exactly my thoughts.  In fact, you can usually find the points on discount as well, for roughly $1 for 100 ratio.

The only time you are going to see xbox live for $35 is around black friday. So is this as good as a black friday deal? No of course not. Because it's not Black Friday. Currently you can get it for $46 a year. Which means the 4 months for $15 is a wash but you then get 400 points for free.
So for the same price as a year on Amazon right now you could buy three cards for 12 months, and get 1200 points.

Not true, the deal pops up every now and then. Not only during black fridays. It does sell out quickly every time.

Thanks for telling this is US only in the title! Please do this with all posts, so we don't have to be disappointed :)

Already a Gold member, because I'm addicted to Halo.

Has there been any word on whether or not MS points will be done away with sometime soon? And if so, will all my current MS points be converted back to normal currency??

There has been a lot of chatter about them doing away with them. If they do, then I am sure they will convert them in to viable credit.

This offer has me wondering about the timing. Perhaps they are hoping to get rid of some codes or have some kind of target that they need to hit. Will the news next week make this look like a bad offer or a good one?

maybe microsoft is just trying to lock ya all into Xbox 360 and then Xbox One. i've seen a lot of xbox live points and membership cards deals after Xbox One announcement.

Microsoft Points are going to be replaced with currency and gift cards. I suppose you will still be able to use your remaining points or have them converted.

retailers will be dumping points cards like mad once microsoft announces the change over.  it will be illogical since MS will convert points to dollars, but they will dump them anyways.

My Xbox Gold ran out this morning, then I noticed this deal on cheapassgamer. I love it when things work out.

Going to best buys ASAP I got a four month card 3 months ago so im on my bonus month now $14.99 and free points is a great deal

Pretty good deal. $45 for a year of XBL + 1200 points. Take off the $15 for the points and you're effectively getting it for $30.

To answer your question at the end @Michael about what games we play on Xbox and if we are a Live member or not. Well, today is the last day of my live membership. I don't have very much time to play, but when I do, I play the Batman Arkham games, Soul Caliber, and Halo Wars. I use Xbox alot for the apps too, The CW app, ESPN, IE, NETFLIX, YouTube and others :-)